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Join the experts at Extract Systems as they discuss the types of court documents that can be used by our intelligent automated redaction and indexing platform to capture and redact relevant data. This innovative software not only maintains a post-verification accuracy of 99.5%, it also aids in creating more efficient workflows with zero reported data privacy breaches.

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In this free webinar, we are going to take a look behind the scenes at Extract Systems solutions for Government.

  • Document Classification: How Indexing Starts
  • Machine Learning: What Drives Document Classification
  • Diving Deeper into Indexing


Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in america

Protect your citizens from identity theft by automating a more accurate redaction process. Remove sensitive information from public records carefully and quickly with Extract.

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Government Client Case Studies

Illinois secretary of state

As part of its responsibility to administer the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the Illinois Secretary of State's office files financing statements and maintains a record-keeping system to allow quick and accurate searches.

montgomery county, Ohio

In early 2008, Ohio General Assembly enacted House Bill 46, mandating public offices to redact private information from any document made available to the public on the internet.

Fairfax County Court, Virginia

Fairfax County wanted to balance data access with personal data privacy by redacting records available via its secure, remote access database.

midland county, texas

The county sought a solution for the intelligent classification of documents in the Arrest Packet and the auto-capture of 28 fields from the booking sheet.

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Allegheny County courts sought redaction software to protect sensitive information within public documents.

colorado sos

When the Colorado Secretary of State disabled web access to secured transaction records in early 2007, they had to go back to the "brick and mortar" way of doing business.

Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth

Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Secretary of State) William Galvin recently faced the challenge of protecting access to publicly filed documents while still protecting the individuals identified in those documents from identity theft.

santa barbara county, California clerk-Recorder

When California passed legislation requiring Clerk-Recorders to redact sensitive information from all recorded documents filed from 1980 to the present, effective January 2009, they quickly decided that implementing redaction software provided an excellent opportunity to pursue greater efficiency by implementing a data capture solution at the same time.

Washington County, Arkansas

In June 2013, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that in accordance with Administrative Order 19 there would be a redaction requirement on pre-2009 documents available online.

Canton Municipal Court

Canton Court officials quickly realized that automated redaction would be necessary to process 250,000 documents annually.

Greene County, Missouri

Greene County was concerned that internet access could put constituents' private data at greater risk for identity theft.

racine county, wisconsin

When Tyson Fettes became Register of Deeds in 2011, he evaluated the office's current document processing workflows to see where the county could become efficient.

dekalb county, Illinois

Making records available through a website improves customer service and minimizes the inefficiencies associated with the walk-in traffic.

York County, Pennsylvania

In September 2009, the Clerks of Court for York and Lancaster County were advised of a scheme targeting individuals who had been convicted of DUI offenses in York and Lancaster Counties.

Buncombe County, North Carolina Register of Deeds

When Drew Reisinger became Buncombe County Register of Deeds, he brought with him an agenda for improved services and accessibility. He also pledged to save the county money by deploying technology to streamline workflow and gain efficiency. 

Bureau of Workers' Compensation

Facing a deadline to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS), the Bureau of Workers' Compensation from a large state purchased a mid-tier redaction software to process approximately 2 million documents internally with existing staff and resources.



Government Whitepapers

Automated Redaction

Leaders immersed in e-filing and document management technology implementations may think of automated redaction as an "add on" feature that can wait or as project "scope creep" that could threaten timelines.

PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) plays an important role in the regulatory compliance environment protecting this sensitive content. Download the whitepaper to see how you can automatically redact sensitive information and protect cardholder data.

redaction vendor questions

Quality redaction software can protect all parties concerned and ensure compliance with privacy legislation.