Automated Document Classification and Indexing

Our intelligent platform is able to recognize and categorize all types of incoming documents by content type, and automate the extraction of relevant index data per document type. The process of extracting all relevant index data allows Extract to more intelligently, and consistently, route documents to desired levels within a database, electronic medical record (EMR), land record system, court system, enterprise resource planning (ERP), document management system (such as OnBase), or any other downstream system.

The manual indexing process is time consuming for your staff, and prone to errors. Changing your document handling and indexing workflow to a less manual process means your organization saves money, and your existing staff can focus only on quality control in the indexing process.

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Exact Sciences sought a flexible solution to help automate the order entry process accurately and efficiently. The solution would need to be able to interpret documents and not always expect information within a particular location on that document like other OCR solutions.

Extract features and functions:

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Extract's FLEX Index, data capture for land records documents, applies innovative data recognition technology to classify documents based on content. Download data sheet >

more automation, less manual work

The routing of documents can be fully automated from the moment it arrives to your organization until it is safely and accurately stored in the right place in your desired systems. The power of the Extract platform allows workflows to be automated by intelligently indexing data. 


Any variety of documents - no templates or forms needed

What sets the Extract platform apart from our competition is that there is no need to know the structure or format of the documents or data in advance. By applying our propriety technology, enhanced by machine learning, our software is able to recognize document types and specific data you want. There is no need to define in advance where specific data must be located within a document.


automate all the workflows surrounding documents and unstructured data

The moment a fax, scanned document, or other unstructured data source enters your organization, it requires manual handling. The Extract platform can automatically identify document types and important index data immediately to customize workflows based on document type. These customized workflows are able to auto-prioritize documents, and have them follow different workflows to different departments or indexers. Ultimately Extract flows documents to correct and desired systems, emails, or even approval workflows.


Less manual handling means better security

When faxes are printed and manually managed, your organization unintentionally runs the risk of exposing private health information (PHI), PCI, personally identifiable information (PII) or other sensitive information. Extract automatically sweeps up documents and data from secure network folders and then maintains your pre-defined security protocols to allow access to those documents for review before ultimately sending them securely to your desired storage location.

Document Classification Workflow Image


Extract greatly reduces the time it takes for unstructured data or documents to reach the correct systems, with correct and consistent indexing data. For organizations with urgent document types, documents can be indexed and routed to desired area of the system within minutes. This reduction of manual processing empowers staff needing the information, to spend more time looking at documents instead of looking for documents. Allowing employees throughout the organization to make better, more informed decisions with the easily accessible data.



Start automating the more tedious and repetitive parts of your organization's document indexing process, allowing your staff to use their skills and knowledge for quality assurance checking or decision making tasks. As volumes increase or staff turnover occurs, having an automated and consistent indexing system in place, alleviates pressure and allows quicker on-boarding of new staff.


other staff satisfactions

Staff of all levels routinely express frustration with the increasing demands of data entry and searching for information. Expediting the flow of documents to your organization's document management system (DMS) or other relevant systems with Extract will help eliminate these frustrations. Additionally, by automating the classifying and naming process, time spent on searching for documents is reduced and allows staff to easily access information they are looking for.


Extract's FLEX Index applies innovative data recognition technology to classify documents based on content. Download data sheet >


Document types and labels may vary from one indexer to another, causing staff to become frustrated by wasting time. Extract will create quicker access to documents and data in your document management systems by automatically classifying and routing them correctly with appropriate labels. Having documents consistently named, consistently classified, and readily available ensures staff is able to spend more time interacting with patients in a positive manner.



Having a complete customer or document database with all available information is important to making good day-to-day decisions. Making sure all documents associated with a customer, case, patient, etc. are available and appropriately classified and named help to be sure that information is not overlooked.


aDVANCED data extraction

Unique to Extract, our automated document classification & indexing solution can route specific document types to our data extraction solution. Extract is able to accurately identify and extract over 80% of the valuable data, which is currently being trapped inside documents. The verification process is supported by Extract's behind-the-scenes pre-validation of data against existing databases and logic. If certain data is invalid, staff is alerted prior to it being filed as discrete information in the EMR or other backend systems. This results in a more complete database with both discrete data captured in the fields of the system and original document associated/linked to the data to reference if required. 


better system ADOPTION

Implementing a new system (EMR, Case Management, Land Records, etc.) is only half the challenge. The success of any new system can be measured by the extent to which it is used by your organization. If staff need to search for documents and information outside of the newly implemented system, they will likely be dissatisfied and frustrated with their experience. Extract ensures easy access to complete information to help drive high levels of user adoption.



Documents from non-interfaced, external sources typically use naming conventions or alternate data labels, specific to the external organization. This causes issues when “translating” information into terms that match your organization's needs. Based on information supplied by you, Extract will automatically translate and rename incoming documents and data into values your EMR or other databases are expecting. This feature allows your organization to achieve their goals to keep naming conventions and data labeled consistently, and will guarantee staff can easily find documents or data they are looking for.


Batch Processing

Extract’s software allows for batch scanning of documents where we can identify each document’s type and route it to the appropriate practice area before a verifier even sees it.


Often times, having complete information for quality or compliance measures is hindered by the fact that key pieces of information are stuck within incoming documents. Automating indexing and storage of external documents allows your organization to automate reports, and to ensure the use of complete and accurate data for those reports, regardless of the source of the data.



Extract’s intelligent document classification & indexing solution provides you with the unique ability to report on the volumes, types, sources and other relevant details of your incoming documents. Additionally, any time spent verifying certain document types or dealing with exceptions is recorded and reported as well.



  • Very significant reduction of paper usage

  • Potential reallocation/reduction in FTE dedicated to manual indexing process

  • Workflow standardization across departments

  • Reduction in time for documents to be available to your staff

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