What is the Extract Systems Platform?

It is a fast and accurate automated indexing, extraction, or redaction solution.

In order to better serve our customers’ needs, our solutions are now presented as an all encompassing product platform. This way, customers can easily pick and choose features to build their own customized platform, instead of committing to specific products such as: ID Shield, FLEX Index, LabDE and MedDE.

OuR technology


We find valuable information in unstructured documents or data sources

With over 100 rule objects, the flexibility to tailor Extract's unstructured data analysis algorithm to our customers' data extraction and redaction needs is unmatched.

With no forms or templates to maintain, our technology reads documents like human beings and finds data you need to either be extracted or redacted. Our rulesets are built on a proven foundation of over 400 customer environments but customized to specific needs. Whether your organization needs to capture every detail or you only require index data or data redaction, our platform has the proven ability to find it.


continuous improvements

With several hundred deployments, our rulesets are continuously improving against an expanding array of records, enabling us to deploy highly accurate solutions. 

Using a combination of our proprietary algorithm and tools, machine learning, and our experienced professional services team, we assess, release, and optimize your deployment whenever necessary and in conjunction with your organization's schedule and needs.


We optimize the verification process through tools, pre-validation, logic checks, and data standardization

Extensively field-tested, our graphical verification interface and workflow is optimized to achieve error-free data capture and redaction in the least amount of time necessary.

Whenever we can, captured data is verified against existing data sources by human verification to make sure data is accurate.

Our goal is speed, accuracy, and productive verification that avoids mistakes being overlooked by tired eyes.


we can scale to the size you need, receive most any unstructured data source, and send data and documents where your organization needs them to go

Extract delivers near-linear scalability, enabling customers to scale-up or down in order to handle the levels of incoming documents or data as it changes.

Our platform is designed to easily allow a variety of inputs. We then customize the output, via industry standard messaging protocols, to allow easy output of the extracted data and original documents to the back-end systems that require them.

Medical Data Extraction

Watch this video to learn more about why Extract is the first choice when it comes to clinical data capture.


Advanced Data Capture and Redaction

Watch this short video to learn why Extract is the first choice for indexing, capturing, and data redaction of government documents.


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