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Our platform finds the information you need.

Extract’s document handling platform reads your incoming unstructured documents. Our customizable platform intelligently extracts or redacts the information you need and routes your data and the original document to their final destination.


Let us automate the process for you.

Our platform runs your source documents through an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and rules that have been written by us, specifically for your company's needs. The Extract Systems™ Platform begins to extract or redact the information you need. With our intelligent software, we are then able to send the data and original document to any final destination you choose. 

This process not only reduces the time spent on manual entry, but also reduces human error typically caused by manual data entry and speeding up access to valuable discrete data so you can share, compare, report, and analyze the data.

Extract Workflow diagram

Learn how Extract speeds up unstructured data management workflows.

See how the Extract Systems Platform was used to help Exact Sciences automate their order entry process.

Exact Sciences sought a flexible solution to help automate the order entry process accurately and efficiently. The solution would need to be able to interpret documents and not always expect information within a particular location on that document like other OCR solutions. The system would also require integration into Exact Sciences’ current system in order to provide the document classification continuously in an easily accessible and secure location.


tyson fettes
Register of deeds, Racine County, wisconsin

"Bringing indexing in-house saves Racine County $30,000 annually and records are available to the public two to three hours after they are filed. Accurate, computerized indexing is now an important part of the recording process. The software is easy to use, which minimizes the impact on county staff."

donna galaska
Application support analyst, aurora health care

"Extract has allowed us to capture lab data through an automated process, standardized our workflow, increased throughput, and decreased clerical errors."


"By investing time up-front to define the most precise redaction rules possible, Extract is finding +99% of the personally identifiable information within the state's filings."

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