Extract Automates Redacting Data

Whether it's PCI, PHI, or PII, Extract has your organization covered. Extract's intelligent automated redaction software gets the job done - quickly and accurately.

Extract Systems has redacted over 4 billion pages for the following cases with zero reported data privacy breaches:

National Map Graphic over 4 Billion redacted pages
  • Court Records

  • Land Records

  • Legal Discovery

  • UCC Filings

  • Credit Card Statements

  • Purchase Orders

  • Medical Records

  • Clinical Research

  • Insurance Forms

Read how customers reacted to their pressing privacy issues with Extract's redaction software—ID Shield:

Our Redaction Feature (ID Shield™) is a Superior Solution

Extract has the fastest, most accurate redaction software, ID Shield. Our redaction solution guarantees 99% post-verification accuracy and stays up-to-date with redaction law changes. Using proven rulesets from over 400 customers today, we support privacy standards in all 50 states and still allow the rules to be easily tailored to customer-specific requirements.

Watch the Montgomery County customer success story:


capability comparison chart

See for yourself why more and more organizations are using Extract. 

Pen or

  • Uses lots of paper
  • Manual
  • Time Consuming
  • No redaction rules
  • High error rate

Extract Systems Platform

  • Paperless
  • Automated
  • Built-in Legal
    Redaction Rules
  • Guaranteed 99% Accuracy
  • Fast/Efficient
Best Choice

Desktop Redaction Software

  • Paperless
  • Manual
  • Time Consuming
  • No redaction rules
  • High error rate

Unstructured data is the #1 public records management challenge, limiting access to information and compromising data privacy.

publishing records online doesn't have to break the bank

By enabling self-service and online records publishing, workloads to fulfill information requests are dramatically reduced. However, privacy laws require personally identifiable information (PII) to be redacted, seemingly driving the cost to provide online access beyond the reach of thinly-stretched budgets. Or do they? Extract Systems offers creative options to implement the most advanced automated redaction solution (ID Shield) to streamline online publishing and e-filing review workflows within the constraints of your budget.


don't let redaction requirements get in the way of complete and timely disclosure

Whether it's open file discovery, FOIA requests or Release of Information requests, sometimes sharing records is time sensitive. Privacy laws and redaction requirements add to the burden and make it harder to meet those deadlines. Extract's intelligent automated redaction (ID Shield) dramatically reduces the burden by automatically finding and redacting information quickly and accurately and outputting the documents in your preferred format.


Greater data privacy demands and smaller budgets make online access objectives seem impossible to achieve

Making records and documents available while protecting privacy is enough of a challenge as it is. However, each year the list of data you are required to redact grows longer. Yet budgets only seem to get smaller. With Extract's intelligent redaction solution, ID Shield, you’ll be able to stay on top of your redaction workload and your redaction software will always stay current with ever-expanding data privacy mandates.


Greater speed and accuracy is good for everyone

Making records available to those that need them in a timely fashion is a legal requirement across many industries. Extract’s automated redaction platform, ID Shield, is intelligent, thorough, quick, and does NOT rely on pre-defined formats or forms-based templates to be accurate. With the Extract Systems Platform, your employees would not be burdened by manual redaction process, and the requester of the data gets what they need quickly.  Everyone gets what they want.


Staff satisfaction

Your human resources are important and knowledgeable. Using their unique abilities and strengths can maximize their quality of work generated and their satisfaction. Manually searching and using markers or drawing boxes around words to be redacted can become tedious. This process can be automated with Extract's redaction software (ID Shield). Our software has an intuitive user interface, and includes tools that can quickly and easily adjust or add redactions on the fly. Powerful algorithms and machine learning is highly accurate, and redacts all pre-defined data in advance, while pointing out areas of concern to staff. This leaves time for your staff to perform more thorough quality assurance on an exception basis, and focus on customers/constituents/patients and other tasks that require human intervention.


Extract Systems Has the Redaction Solution

Redaction Solution:

Our intelligent redaction and document classification software uses algorithms and advanced data extraction software to “read” and validate captured content through context and applied operational rules – as if it were thinking. It’s responsive, accurate and capable of massive workloads. The Extract Platform is used across a vast variety of medical records, land records, court records and UCC filings regardless of source, format, layout or structure. The software finds key index terms and sensitive/privacy information, output the indices to the schema and format required by your systems and apply secure redaction to the documents in compliance with data privacy mandates.



  • Ensures online records comply with data privacy laws

  • Minimizes cost, time, and effort of indexing and redacting records

  • Facilitates open access to public record requests


Extract's Intelligent Redaction Software (ID Shield) Helps Customers 

Tyson Fettes Testimonial Image

Racine county, wisconsin

"Bringing indexing in-house saves Racine County $30,000 annually and records are available to the public two to three hours after they're filed. Accurate, computerized indexing is now an important part of the recording process. The software is easy to use which minimizes the impact on county staff."

Tyson Fettes
Register of Deeds

Greg Brush Testimonial Image

Montgomery County, Ohio

"Extract is one of the best vendors we have ever worked with. I wish all of our vendors were as responsive and dedicated to providing superior service."

Greg Brush
Clerk of Court

Orange County

orange county, california

"Auto-indexing and redaction were critical components to meeting the Orange County Clerk-Recorder, Hugh Nguyen's, goal of making recorded documents available to the public within 48-hours."

dana Ohanesian
director of administration

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