Reduce errors when getting data into the EHR from non-interfaced sources

A common concern expressed about automated clinical data extraction is “How can we be sure that the data going into the EHR is correct?"

We still hear from some hospitals that they are not performing manual data entry because the risk of error is too great.

However, few hospitals that make the transition from scanning documents to manually capturing non-interfaced data are going back to the days when they avoided manual data entry. Providers put a high value on having this additional patient data in the EHR and frequently they have articulated that message.

Yet when customers performing manual data entry compare LabDE’s well-designed verification interface with their process and interface, they intuitively KNOW that the auto-captured data is more accurate than data that is captured manually.

Because accuracy is a prime consideration when you get data into your EHR from non-interfaced sources, it may be time to reconsider HOW you are achieving this. Fill out the below form to learn more about how Extract's verification interface with its highly customization Data Entry Panel and built-in tools designed to boost accuracy and productivity.

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About the Author: Greg Gies

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