Medical Record Software & Accessibility – Where did I leave my notes?

Healthcare Informatics recently published an article most of us can relate to—that if you want to remember something important, it helps to write it down. Information is only useful if available. According to the article, Research: Access to Docs’ Notes Increases Medication Aherence, researchers at Geisinger Health System found that patients who had access to their doctor’s notes demonstrated an improved adherence to a medication regimen. [medical record software and information accessibility]

The report goes on to say that patients reported feeling more in control of their health, being better prepared for doctor’s visits and other benefits. Some noticed errors in their records that were subsequently corrected. This report was of particular interest to me because it illustrates the benefits of information accessibility quite clearly in healthcare. Information is only useful when it is accessible.

Similarly here at Extract Systems, many of our healthcare customers are working toward similar goals. Most have transitioned to medical record software and need to get unstructured clinical data currently trapped in PDFs, faxes and other paper reports into their health systems where it can be analyzed and reviewed for diagnosis. With the time-sensitive nature of patient care, providers should not have to search for data.

Unfortunately very often, the same healthcare organizations that recently implemented a very expensive EMR system still need to manually enter data from paper-based sources. These manual systems are time-consuming and prone to errors. Extract Systems intelligent data capture enables information trapped in documents awaiting import into EMR/LIS systems to be automatically and accurately sent to where it is needed most—at the point of care. This is just another benefit to automating manual clinical data capture.

No more asking the question “Where did I leave my notes?”

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About the Author: Joseph Smith

With over 15 years experience working with large hospitals and health systems in both HIS and communication platforms, Joseph Smith helps healthcare organizations streamline data entry to enable fast access to critical information. He blogs on topics relating to advanced data capture, and automating workflows.