Moving to Paperless Court Records

The transition from paper records to digital ones is an inevitability.  The question for many clerks of court happens to be whether this change will come as the result of a direct order or from a particularly proactive lower court.

Scanning through the news lately, it’s apparent that this move is well underway, but also not without its pitfalls.  Just in January, several counties have already made the move and many more are likely to follow.

Moving Toward Electronic Records

In cases like Wood County, WV, it isn’t simply as easy as scanning the current documents and moving forward.  Not only does the county have problems with having the requisite staff to scan files, but there’s also the question of how long to keep the now-scanned files.  It’s important to have a system in place that will get documents scanned in a timely manner along with a proper retention policy.

While Wood County moved to get their court records in electronic form, Rensselaer County, NY also made a switch in January, allowing their land records to be filed electronically before moving to court records later in the year.

Also launched in January in Texas, lawyers now have access to a system known as re:SearchTX, allowing them to search through cases in which they’re the attorney of record.  This particular implementation drew criticism from court clerks as it also imposes an additional redaction workload and will result in lower revenue for counties.

Court Records Redaction

Extract is all about reducing the burden of these redaction requirements.  Whether you’re currently redacting documents or are planning on doing it soon, let us show you how we can automate this part of your workflow to save you time and money compared to a manual process.  We’ll work with you to ensure the program put in place features the right amount of verification and quality assurance while still freeing up your employees to work on more meaningful tasks.

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