How to Measure Staff Performance Metrics

Does your staff verify redaction documents with ID Shield?  Do you know how many documents or pages your staff is running through on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis?  Do you want to know how quickly they are completing their documents?  How many redactions they are finding? 

Fortunately, Extract has made this process straightforward for you by using some of our built-in reports that are tied to the Extract DB Administration tool.  This tool requires admin level access that someone at your organization should have.  If not, an Extract Professional Services employee should be able to help.  Follow the steps below to generate some performance reports.

  • Start – All Programs – Extract Systems ID Shield – DB Administration
    • This should automatically be set up for your database, so click Next and enter the admin password
  • Once open – click Tools: Reports
Extract Reporting
  • A new window will pop-up similar to the one below (Note: not all reports listed in the image may be available at your site)
Database settings
  • Some of the reports that I spoke about above regarding measuring your staff would be the following:
    • ID Shield verification times and rates (by user)
    • ID Shield verification document, page and redaction counts (by user)
    • ID Shield redaction counts (by document)
  • Using the ID Shield verification times and rates (by user) report, once you click on that, you will be asked to select the timeframe for which you want to report on.
IDShield parameters
  • Once you select the timeframe, the report will generate:
Verification Times
  • From the report, you will be able to see how much time (over the period you selected) they have spent verifying, and how fast (verification rate) they are going through each page. 
  • These reports can be saved, printed, and even exported to PDF or Excel by using the File: Export menu from the report viewer


  • The second report mentioned above, "ID Shield verification document, page, and redaction counts (by user)," looks like this:
IDShield Reporting
  • This report will show you the number (and percent) of documents & pages each user has reviewed as well as both the number documents/pages redacted and the number of redactions (both found by ID Shield and those manually added by users).


  • The third report, ID Shield redaction counts (by document), is a much more extensive report.
    • This report will list every document in your time-range and show you the number of clues, redaction items levels (HCData – High Confidence, MCData – Medium Confidence and LCData – Low Confidence), manual redactions and total redactions for said document.

Thinking about how to measure your staff while processing redaction projects does not have to be hard.  Reports can be set up to automatically generate and emailed out to you and your staff at your pre-defined timeframe so they are sitting in your inbox ready for you when you get into the office.  You can have multiple timeframes setup, daily, weekly or monthly and have all these delivered to your inbox when you need them.  If you need help setting up these reports, contact your Professional Services representative today and let them know you would like help setting up reports.


Mike Beles, Customer Support Specialist & Project Manager at Extract, has been involved with implementing and leading software projects for over 18 years. He has a well-versed background in software training, support, quality assurance as well as both product and project management.