Automated PHI redaction makes clinical data management easier

Spend more time finding a cure and less time finding and redacting PHI.

Preparing patient records for research analysis is a painstakingly laborious process.  De-identifying records is the main culprit. Manual point-and-click redaction tools are no match for large-scale jobs involving complex patient records.  

Intelligent clinical data capture software automatically identifies and redacts PHI buried deep within every document so you don’t have to. Simplifying clinical data management, which lets you get back to finding a cure or designing new treatments.

About the Author: Greg Gies

For 20 years in the software industry, Greg Gies has been helping businesses, government agencies and healthcare organizations achieve their goals and carry out their missions by making better use of information and automating business processes. Greg has held positions in sales, product management and marketing and holds an MBA from Babson College. He works and lives with his wife and three boys in the Boston area.