Find and capture data automatically from unstructured documents.

Extract's intelligent platform can find data like a human would: quickly, accurately, and within unstructured documents . Whether extracting data from unstructured medical records, purchase orders, or government documents, our platform gets the job done quickly and accurately. Not only can we automatically extract information, but we can also output the data into a final destination of your organization's choosing, enabling easier search capabilities. 


Extract can work with various unstructured documents 

Our platform can extract data from the following faxed or scanned unstructured medical documents (but not limited to):

  • Medical Records

  • Lab Results

  • Pathology Reports

  • Case Files

  • Court Records

  • Land Records

  • Purchase Orders

  • Lab Orders

  • Invoices

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Extract features and functions

Find data like a human would

A typical challenge of unstructured data is that you cannot predict where the required data elements will be. Like a human, the Extract software looks through documents and data sources of all kinds to find and capture the information that is important to your organization. Automating your organization's data capture process with Extract is fast, accurate, and is not limited to specific forms, nor does it require the maintenance of templates or barcodes. Documents of all kinds can be reviewed in this process.


Universal, yet configurable

Our intelligent algorithm is made up of rules written with the experience of processing millions of documents and unstructured data, similar to what your struggles are today. The out-of-the-box Extract Systems platform can easily be enhanced, via a customer specific layer, taking advantage of all the existing knowledge and configuring new rules specific to your organization's needs.

We understand that each customer might be aiming to solve different issues, so feel free to contact our solution specialists and they will walk you through a personalized demo, explaining how we can engineer a unique solution to meet your organization's needs.

Read some customer successes that used Extract's universal rules configured to their needs:

Data Standardization/Normalization

If unstructured data is arriving from a different department or external organizations, it often does not conform to formats or naming conventions your organization uses. As a standard part of the data extraction process, Extract’s platform can automatically map extracted data to conform to your organization’s naming conventions or simply reformat data to meet specified date, number or other format requirements. 


All the Data You Need...None of the data you don't

While your organization may be receiving a lot of unstructured information in faxes, scanned documents, or other unstructured sources, it’s unlikely that all the information is valuable to your organization. By using software and the power of computer processing, the Extract platform can sort through and find only the information you need. Think of it as an automatic filter for any unstructured data that you are managing.


UW Health Transplant implemented Extract Systems and their data entry time improved, errors decreased, and results were input into the EMR within an hour.

Pre-validating extracted data

A powerful feature of the Extract platform is the ability to pre-validate information found in your unstructured data. Our platform can match existing customer or patient names, case numbers or other identifying numbers, or additional demographic information within your database. Extract also has the ability to pre-validate against standard logic or criteria defined by your organization. Our automated data extraction software is able to help your organization achieve the highest level of accuracy and efficiency by eliminating steps within current workflows.


Robust verification User-Interface

Where verification is required, the Extract verification user interface has been developed to reduce errors, reduce eye strain, and point out specific areas where verifiers should focus attention or where the platform is confident the data is correct. The ease of use and productivity tools are designed to be intuitive which makes shorter training requirements and easier on-boarding of new employees.


Duplicates Handling

If your workflows contain the potential of duplicate documents, the Extract platform can detect duplicate documents based on criteria that has been defined by your organization in addition to our predefined logic checking for same patient, test, and collection date. If duplicate documents or information is found, the platform will alert users and offer options to discard or merge duplicated information as appropriate.


Data where you want it

Once data has been extracted from unstructured sources, Extract then standardizes and normalizes it, then saves the captured information into your systems or databases alongside your existing data. A major strength of the Extract platform is the ability to easily format its output to meet the specifications of any downstream system. Data can be sent to multiple downstream systems simultaneously. We can work dynamically with your existing systems to use relevant information allowing extracted data to be associated with existing information (i.e. associate extracted information with a specific customer, case, patient, order, etc.).


Original Document Handling

Often you need discrete, structured data extracted from documents, but you also want to keep the original document or data source as a backup for informational or compliance purposes. Extract’s flexible output options are able to send both the discrete data along with the original document or data source, and is able to link them together within your systems. Extract's automated extraction software integrates directly with all popular Document Management Systems, including OnBase. Contact our solution specialists and they will walk you through a personalized demo, explaining how we can get both data and original documents where you want them to go.


Aurora Health Care interacts with many external labs from outside providers and specialists. They were able to create a more efficient and accurate workflow to get paper results into their EMR.

Customizable Workflows

Another common burden of unstructured data is it typically must be manually handled by a plethora of employees throughout an organization. Once all necessary employees have reviewed the data, it can ultimately be stored. Besides the automated intelligent data extraction capabilities of the Extract platform, automation of collecting, moving, and managing incoming documents and data can be accomplished easily. Employees will experience relief from this typically overlooked burden. After data extraction, our software automates the storage of the data and original document so that this burden can be alleviated from your staff as well.


System Agnostic/Easy Integration

Already have a database, case management, EMR, or document management system in place? No problem at all. Through industry standard communications protocols, the Extract Platform can be easily integrated with other software to make sure there is no disruption to current workflows, only improvements to the overall process.


Speed & Scalability

We retrieve data from your documents quickly, and reduced the time it took for one client’s documents to populate into their EMR from over 48 hours to under two, aiding in a key requirement of attaining HIMSS Stage 7 status. Our platform has a very predictable resource curve, and can accurately estimate and scale up to process more documents at any given time. 


Administrative/Reporting Tools: Operational Reporting, Productivity Reporting

To keep track of processing time, reduction of error-rates, and increases in employee productivity, Extract has built-in reporting dashboards. If preferred, the Extract platform can output any data (usage and content) to a desired reporting system.



The Extract platform can be configured to send any multitude of alerts to users, administrators or the Extract support team in order to bring items to the appropriate level of attention right away.


Support Services

Each customer has a designated support services representative that will work hand-in-hand to optimize, roll-out to additional departments, upgrade, and troubleshoot any issues customers may be experiencing. Scheduled bi-weekly meetings are held to deliver quarterly dashboards and hold customer round-tables, as well as to touch base and answer any technical questions customers might need help with.


To learn more about Data Extraction for labs, download our feature and benefits Data sheet.


How Our Intelligent Data Extraction Works

Extract Data Step 1 Illustration

Step 1:

Extract "reads" unstructured documents, looks for clues identifying the document and actionable data it contains.

Extract Data Step 2 Illustration

step 2:

Automatically separates, organizes, and classifies each document.

Extract data step 3 illustration

Step 3

Captures desired data and transforms it into a compatible output.

extract data step 4

Step 4:

Enables easier search so that data can be analyzed, trended, reported, and exchanged,


A Superior Intelligent Data Extraction Solution

Extract provides the fastest, most accurate automated data extraction and classification of unstructured documents. Our platform also provides the fastest, most detailed, and most accurate automated document indexing to save your organization time and money.

We provide guaranteed post-verification accuracy when using our universal ruleset. Our ruleset supports data extraction from all documents accurately and efficiently, and also can be configured for your organization's document types. 


See for yourself why more and more organizations are using Extract. 

Extract Capability Comparison Chart

"Extract has allowed us to capture lab results data through an automated process. We have been able to standardize our workflow and decrease clerical errors."

-Lori Heinen,
 LIS Project Manager, Aurora Health care

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