Stop Reviewing All Your Faxes!

If you are like most healthcare organizations we work with, you are receiving thousands of faxed documents across your clinics and HIM department.

More importantly, it's likely that someone is reviewing and routing every single one of them.

Stop the madness! There is a quicker, easier way to get your incoming faxes where they need to be.

Manual Scanning of Incoming Faxed Documents

Eliminate Manual Processing of Incoming Faxes

Our solution can assess your documents, determine the type, find the patient, and link to orders or encounters. This eliminates manual processing of many of your incoming faxes, allowing your users to spend their time reviewing and routing only the documents that specifically need human input. Sound too good to be true? Let's talk about how this works.

What Do We Do With Your Faxes?

When a fax comes into your organization, we intercept it and read it like a human would. We determine the document type, extract the important information, and display that information to your users for quick review and order/encounter linking prior to passing the index data and the document to your EMR. For over 80% of the documents coming in, we're able to do this with impressive accuracy. We can then work with you to determine the specific document types and confidence levels at which you are comfortable passing images straight to the EMR. These are then reviewed by the appropriate clinician using the baked-in EMR review process.

How Does This Help You?

Not only does this decrease the number of touches a document requires, it gets important patient information to the right place far more quickly. Even the documents that do require review prior to hitting the EMR are processed faster.  This is because we've gathered as much information as possible so your users aren't spending their time on cumbersome EMR scanning workflows.  They’re flying through documents and letting us do the heavy lifting.

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About the Author: Rob Fea

Rob Fea leads the Professional Services and Data Capture teams at Extract. Rob plays a large role in software implementation, customer success, process improvement, and product design. Rob’s primary focus is on the healthcare suite of products. Prior to Extract, Rob spent 12 years partnering with IT teams and clinicians at major hospitals and clinics worldwide during his tenure on the technical services team at Epic. Rob supported Epic's Phoenix product, playing a major role in project kickoffs, installation, data conversions, ongoing support, and optimization. Rob watched the Phoenix customer base expand from zero to 55. This experience gave Rob expansive insight into the healthcare world, especially the solid organ transplant industry. Rob has spent countless hours on the floor in transplant departments observing multidisciplinary visits, committee review meetings, data entry, data trending, reporting, medication dosing, and more.