Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) 2017 Winter Symposium

I have worked at Extract for four-months now, and my knowledge of Government entities, document classification, indexing, and data redaction has far exceeded my wildest expectations. Next week you will not find me behind my computer at my desk in Madison, WI, but rather attending the PRIA 2017 Winter Symposium to sponge up even more knowledge of how the Extract Systems Platform can be beneficial for any Land or Property Recorders offices in counties across the nation.

Most of the people reading this article probably already know what PRIA is, but for those of us that don’t or are new to the industry and would like some more information. PRIA, which is abbreviated for Property Records Industry Association. According to PRIA’s website, their mission is to develop and promote national standards and best practices for the property records industry, including:

  • Technology Standards
  • Implementation Guides
  • White Papers
  • Best Practices
  • Model Legislation
  • Informational Resources

PRIA is an association known as an environment in which government and business partners can work together to address issues of common concern in the world of property transactions. If you would like to learn more about PRIA, their website has a plethora of information and resources.

How does Extract work with property records?

Our software can more than double the volume and decrease the time (by hours) it takes for public record documents to become available online to the public by automated these workflows. Extract Systems can automate document classification as well as document indexing. This solution can also automate the redaction process and save the indexed and redacted data or documents to wherever the county offices need. How impressive is that? Get more documents processed in less time, and allow your staff to accomplish other tasks.

If you would like to learn more about the Extract Platform, sign-up for our monthly webinar.

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