The Design Choices in Extract's User Interface

When designing our data verification UI, ease of use and productivity were both considered in equal measure.  Several features in the UI that we’d like to highlight combine these considerations to great effect:


Input Preview:

Extract UI

In the above screenshot, the Data Entry Panel (DEP) is on the left-hand side of the screen, and the scan to be entered is on the right.   Pay close attention to the yellow boxes (input preview) above the green highlighted text on the right.  You will notice that the text in the input preview matches the ‘Test Name’ and ‘Value’ in the discrete fields on the right. These input preview boxes are representative of the value(s) in the field (or group of fields) selected for entry.  Functionally this allows a user to verify that a value was captured correctly without having to look back and forth from the data they are entering and the data on the page.  This makes corrections easy as well since the input preview is a live view and updates as a user types.


Accuracy Highlights:

Collection Results

Accuracy highlights give our users an at-a-glance perspective of OCR confidence.  Green highlights indicate a high degree of confidence that the OCR engine captured the text accurately, while orange highlights are an indication of lower confidence.  This visual information gives the user insight on where capture mistakes may exist in the data we pull from the page.


Predictive Clues:

Extract Interface

 In this screenshot you can see we captured: Mono, 0.8, and 4.0-12.0 as Test Name, Value, and Reference Range in the DEP, respectively. You can also see that we missed a field in between the value and reference range. In this case the missing value is Units.  On the image there is an orange dashed line around the % symbol.  Even though we missed the Units, we know where to expect the data to be and we indicate this to the user with the dashed line.

These features are only a small example of what Extract does to help make users more productive.  To see more, reach out and we’d be happy to show you a demo of our software in action.

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Kevin Tschopik works in Professional Services at Extract and has over 10 years of experience deploying and supporting IT systems. He holds a BS in Computer Science and is currently pursuing certification in Project Management. Kevin specializes in workflow planning/management and is involved with customers in every step of the process, from project kickoff to post live support. He resides in Madison, WI where he enjoys the vibrant restaurant and craft brewing scene.