The Benefits of an Enterprise-wide Fax/Scan Handling Solution in Healthcare - Part Two

Part Two

This is Part Two of the series titled: The Benefits of an Enterprise-wide Fax/Scan Handling Solution in Healthcare. If you missed the first part, read it here

Leveraging Existing Investments

Your organization has likely invested in an EMR (electronic medical record), possibly a document management system (DMS) and likely in a security infrastructure that defines who has access to which areas of your network

Your enterprise-wide fax and scanned document handling solution should leverage and add value to all of those investments. 

By routing documents consistently to the right place in the EMR, classifying them consistently and labeling them and associating them with existing orders, visits/encounters, and correct procedures allow your clinicians to find and use the valuable information more easily. 

This means better adoption of the EMR and better satisfaction with using it because information is consistently filed and easy to find.  If you prefer to store the original files in your document management system and link them to your EMR, this process can also be facilitated with better, more detailed index information to be sure the file is linked appropriately. 

Finally, instead of allowing paper documents to flow freely around the organization, this type of solution can automate the routing of files to the EMR quickly for appropriate access there, but also leverage your network security protocols to allow for access to them for the review process.  You have invested so much in the information infrastructure; your incoming faxes and scanned documents should take advantage of this infrastructure as well.

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About the Author: Ellen Bzomowski

With 20 years of experience in data capture and voice recognition, Ellen’s experience has focused on achieving higher efficiency and automation in getting data where it will be most useful to an organization. At Extract Systems, she continues to focus on the same ideas and works to get the word out about how Extract Systems’ advanced data capture and redaction solutions make more data valuable and accessible, while securing anything that is private. She holds an MBA from Northeastern University and lives and works in Boston.