We Just Need to Get Those Darn Labs Entered!

"We just need to get those darn labs entered!"

I had an interesting conversation with a transplant director at the UNOS Transplant Management Forum. She said, "we have a great transplant management system, now we just need to get those darn labs entered!"

Well, to be honest the actual word was not darn. But a bit harsher. She was frustrated.  She was referring to the high volume of paper-based labs that come in each day from external sources. Due to the manual entry required to get these labs entered, they were experiencing a significant backlog and critical lab data was being delayed. As you can imagine, this was causing quite the stir in the department but there was nothing anyone could do! [Entering Lab Data]

Like many healthcare organizations today, transplant centers are utilizing EMR and transplant management systems to efficiently integrate critical lab data as quickly as possible into their clinical information systems. Unfortunately, like many transplant centers, they have too many labs and not enough time or resources available to “get those darn labs entered!"

Fortunately, word is starting to get out at places like the UNOS Transplant Management Forum and through many of the large academic medical centers using Extract Systems’ LabDE solution today.

Through the use of LabDE, clients have discovered how to integrate an extremely high volume of paper-based lab data quickly and efficiently into their transplant management systems. In addition, they find LabDE integrates wonderfully with EPIC EMR and other TMS/LIS/EMR solutions.

LabDE supports a bi-directional order feed from your EMR to facilitate accurate mapping of lab results to the correct patient and correct outstanding orders. Also, it supports incoming registration feed from your EMR or other identity management system to facilitate mapping to the correct patient in the absence of an orders interface. More than just facilitating the integration of external labs, the solution is streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.

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About the Author: Joseph Smith

With over 15 years experience working with large hospitals and health systems in both HIS and communication platforms, Joseph Smith helps healthcare organizations streamline data entry to enable fast access to critical information. He blogs on topics relating to advanced data capture, and automating workflows.