Lab Data Integrity and Patienty Safety

Ensuring the Safety and Effectiveness of Laboratory Data in Electronic Health Record Systems

Resources: Paper from CDC's Lab Program Division

The CDC’s Division of Laboratory Programs recently published a paper: The Essential Role of Laboratory Professionals: Ensuring the Safety and Effectiveness of Laboratory Data in Electronic Health Record Systems. This paper offers excellent cautions, guidelines and advice for both lab professionals and IT staff who work on LIS or EHRs.

Emphasis on three topics:

  • Engagement: lab professionals have expertise; don’t be afraid to share yours!
  • Data Integrity and Usability: lab professionals can guide and maintain data integrity. It’s your data; don’t let it be compromised.
  • Innovation: lab professionals are in a unique position to partner with stakeholders to stimulate innovation. Your voice and experience are valued!

The paper is chockfull of studies and resources you can call upon when discussing these topics with your team and colleagues outside your lab. Patient stories bring abstract concepts to life. You’ll find ideas for engaging, a list of opportunities for you and colleagues to be proactive rather than reactive, and strategies you can employ for innovation.

It's about you!

Your knowledge and experience give you a unique viewpoint when it comes to ensuring patient safety. Raise your hand, share your expertise, and use materials such as this paper to help guide that process.
You and your colleagues may also be interested in materials from ONC, such as Safety Assurance Factors for EHR Resilience (SAFER) guides. These guides help to assess patient safety risks in lab test orders and results reporting functions within provider EHRs or other health information systems.
In future postings of our Healthcare blog, we’ll investigate and share strategies you can employ to ensure your lab leads the way in data integrity and patient safety.

About the author: Ellen Bzomowski

With 20 years of experience in data capture and voice recognition, Ellen’s experience has focused on achieving higher efficiency and automation in getting data where it will be most useful to an organization. At Extract Systems, she continues to focus on the same ideas and works to get the word out about how Extract Systems’ advanced data capture and redaction solutions make more data valuable and accessible, while securing anything that is private. She holds an MBA from Northeastern University and lives and works in Boston.