Are you still living in ancient times?

Early 2017, the Government Business Council and Veritas did extensive research and built a survey to figure out if federal organizations are living out “principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration.”

This survey shed some light on some troubling information regarding federal agencies and their data management practices.

In a summary, the Government Business Council and Veritas found that there is great room for improvement in the management processes of federal records and other important data, and that federal organizations are not making it a top priority to progress their data workflows and technology.

1 out of 5 staff from federal government agencies admit that their records are almost all, if not all paper.

37% of agencies have a mix of both paper records and digital records. This means that a huge portion of federal agencies are still using information that is coming in on paper and this makes tasks cumbersome and tedious. Some agencies have caught on quicker than others, making digital document management a priority and have technology that can help digitize paper documents to reduce time spent on manually sorting through and entering information off papers.

Many organizations have Chief Data Officers (CDOs) whose main goal is improving how the agency handles its’ data. Specifically, the collection, use, management and publication of their data. In this recent survey, almost 40% of staff said that they are either unaware of their organization even having a CDO or that the CDO is not effective. If a CDO is not effective, then what is really happening with their data? How is it being handled? Is it safe?

Most of the respondents believe the lack of effort to move to digital records and lack of improvement in data management is due to outdated data infrastructures.

If their data infrastructures are too old and cannot handle new technology, then they will forever be stuck in the past. This means that a lot of time will be wasted shuffling papers around from one place to another, searching through documents for information and figuring out where to store physical boxes of paper.

With Extract Systems’ automated document classification and indexing software, we streamline repetitive, manual processes and transform documents into retrievable business-ready data. This means you don’t have to wonder if there is a CDO who is doing their job correctly, or if your data is secure. You can be sure your data is being handled correctly and safely, while turning staff’s focus away from paper documents onto things that matter most.


Kari Siegenthaler is a Marketing Specialist for the Marketing Department at Extract. Kari attained her Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications and convergent media at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. Wearing the “hat of all trades,” she has an unusual, hybrid ability to write narratives, creatively craft meaningful messages, and design graphically compelling images. Kari is passionate about effective communication and developing strategy plans that allow Extract to succeed and excel way beyond their goals.