I Don't Even See the Document, All I see is Lot, Block, Subdivision

Making Complex & Time-Consuming Documents Bearable 

Anyone who has spent any time looking at land records knows they are complex documents that have varying layouts and often confusing formatting. This can make them very time-consuming to properly index. Trying to find and index the Legal Description in any land record will prove this true. An indexer needs to read and scan an entire document very carefully to find required pieces of information.

Don't Worry, There is a Solution

Using software to assist with data capture can save the indexer both time and mental energy. Extract’s software platform can help find over 70% of the information on land records before it has even been presented to the indexer. At this point, all the indexer has to do is verify that the found information is correct and fill in the gaps. 

Find and Verify Your Information Quickly and Efficiently

The software is designed in a way that makes filling those gaps easy and intuitive. A document runs through both a propriety rules engine and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) before being presented to an indexer.  That combination makes filling in missing information easy.  The Extract UI is designed in a way that the indexer simply moves from data item to data item verifying the information.  A consequence of that design is that they move through the document naturally (as they would read it) so when a required field is missed, they will very likely already be looking at the area of the document where that information is located.  Once located, the indexer simply needs to click the information on the scanned image and the text will be entered where they need it in the UI.  This is accomplished by utilizing the OCR output, because all the text has been recognized.  What this translates into is a workflow in which the indexer no longer needs to devote all their time and mental energy into finding and typing the information that’s essential.  They simply move from field to field and verify the information as they go. 

Ultimately that gives them more time to work on pressing tasks, and devote that mental energy somewhere it might be more useful.

To learn more about how Extract Systems can help you automate your workflows, decrease your manual data entry time and save your mental entry, request a demo here. 

ABOUT THe AUTHOR: Kevin Tschopik

Kevin Tschopik works in Professional Services at Extract and has over 10 years of experience deploying and supporting IT systems. He holds a BS in Computer Science and is currently pursuing certification in Project Management. Kevin specializes in workflow planning/management and is involved with customers in every step of the process, from project kickoff to post live support. He resides in Madison WI where he enjoys the vibrant restaurant and craft brewing scene.