How Formal Cybersecurity Training Can Protect Data

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott is considering what cybersecurity training means for industry leaders. In his 2018 budget, he proposed that state funding should cover training for company leaders. This cybersecurity training would cost over $250,000 a year in continuing education.

Florida AST

The Florida Agency for State Technology (AST) met earlier this year to discuss policies that would need to be developed if this rolled out. This agency regulates and monitors all Florida’s state policies surrounding IT and tech-related projects.

Florida currently has 35 agencies in the state that the AST is looking to help provide IT training to. This training would help agencies stay up to date with cyber security awareness. The members trained would be highly qualified IT personnel. Let's take a look at why this would matter for cyber security professionals.

Raising the Bar for Cyber Security Awareness

As it is their daily profession, the training could be quite beneficial for those that receive it. The AST is raising Florida as a leader in information technology security and providing real-life scenarios in training for members. Feedback is given to leaders throughout their training so they can maximize learning. They receive additional training to prevent cyber-attacks from happening.

The AST had a recent scare of shut down in May but has managed to receive funding from taxpayers. They are even currently providing cybersecurity training for officials and information security managers in more states than Florida.

Transfer of Staff

Florida is looking to transfer full-time data positions at the state level to the executive direction of the AST to enforce better data management processes. The AST is putting together a strategic plan and vision for how the state will manage their data and information governance.

This is set to be implemented on an enterprise-wide scale by June 30 of 2018. These budgets have yet to be approved, but the value that cybersecurity offers to the leaders in Florida is one that resonates nationwide.

Protecting and Managing Data is Crucial

It’s no secret that hackers are getting better at what they do and in response, we have to get better at protecting and managing our data. So, why is something happening in Florida so important to us? It's setting the stage for a movement of proactive cybersecurity that enables companies to respond offensively to cyber attacks.

Your Data is Safe With Extract

At Extract, we know the safety of your personally identifiable data is of utmost importance. We take great care in making sure it’s protected and accurate from the moment it reaches us to the moment it leaves. What greater feeling is there than knowing you’re in safe hands?

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About the Author: Kari Siegenthaler

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