The Modernizing Government Technology Act

As we’ve discussed in the past on this blog, cyber attacks have become an ever-present threat.  The companies that make headlines when information is compromised are no slouches either, comprising of names such as Facebook, Target, and Equifax.  These are firms with deep pockets and the ability to pivot quickly, which begs the question, how well can a group like the United States government keep up when it often lacks both of those characteristics?

At the end of last year, President Donald Trump signed the Modernizing Government Technology Act into law as a part of the 2018 National Defense Act.  The act has a price tag of $500 million that will be spent on agencies updating their admittedly outdated systems.  Agencies will be submitting proposals to a board of seven members for evaluation.  While funds haven’t been appropriated to individual agencies yet, people are gearing up to be able to use them as soon as they’re available.

Data and document security is always going to be a challenge for governments to keep up with, and funds allocated here are always welcome.  What’s encouraging is that as government agencies are spending money to upgrade systems which allows for not just increased security, but for ease of use advances as well.  For as much as the average citizen might complain about the systems being used, there are also government employees who can see great benefits from these efforts.

There are other benefits to modernization as well.  Making changes like moving to cloud computing can actually save agencies money in the long run.  Between preventing identity theft and identifying areas of efficiency, this project has the potential to show a strong return on investment.

As these systems are upgraded and more governments move to provide online records access, Extract is able to provide security and ease of use as well.  Whether files need to be indexed or redacted, we provide automated workflows that allow government employees the ability to secure private information on documents in an easy to use way.

If you’d like to learn more about our solution, and how we can provide an excellent ROI on your investment, please reach out to us today.


Chris is a Marketing Manager at Extract with experience in product development, data analysis, and both traditional and digital marketing.  Chris received his bachelor's degree in English from Bucknell University and has an MBA from the University of Notre Dame.  A passionate marketer, Chris strives to make complex ideas more accessible to those around him in a compelling way.