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The latest, most popular technological innovations have a common theme among them: Automating your life to make it easier and more efficient. Every single day, new gadgets are being released that are completing tasks we never imagined would be human-free activities.

Last year, Tesla announced that all their cars in future production would have the ability to be self-driven. These cars are able to demonstrate knowledge that some human drivers don’t even display! For example, driving past a handicapped parking spot even though it was empty, whereas a human might make the mistake and park though even though they are not allowed to park in handicapped parking spots. Talk about one smart car.

Nest Labs, a home automation company, developed a thermostat, called Nest Thermostat, that can learn the environment around it.  After using Nest, it learns your habits and can program itself, based on the preferences you have taught it. Nest determines when you have left for work and sets itself to a temperature that saves energy.

Amazon has developed a product called the Echo, using their Alexa voice service to complete given commands. When you call Alexa’s name and say your command or ask a question, Alexa will perform the task or search for the answer and tell you.. The Echo allows you to complete tasks such as: ordering laundry detergent, receiving a weather report, listening to sports scores and games, getting the latest news updates, playing your favorite songs and calling/receiving messages, or working with other connected devices to complete additional tasks. The more she listens to you, the more she adopts your speech habits and vocabulary, and tailors herself to how you speak.

Human activities are being replaced with innovative technology, robots, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Instead of remembering if you unplugged your curling iron, just turn off the outlets with your phone. Have your car drive you to work so you can answer important emails on your way. Automate, automate, automate. Automation saves you valuable time in a fast-paced world. It allows you to focus on things that really matter and spend less time thinking about how you’re going to get something done.

At Extract, our intelligent automated platform handles everything for you. We automate your indexing, extraction and redaction workflows, for faster and more accurate results. Our technology reads documents like human beings and finds data you need to either be extracted or redacted. Automating your organization’s data capture process with Extract is fast, accurate, and is not limited to specific forms, nor does it require the maintenance of templates or barcodes. Extract’s platform saves you time and money.

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Kari Siegenthaler is a Marketing Specialist for the Marketing Department at Extract. Kari attained her Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications and convergent media at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. Wearing the “hat of all trades,” she has an unusual, hybrid ability to write narratives, creatively craft meaningful messages, and design graphically compelling images. Kari is passionate about effective communication and developing strategy plans that allow Extract to succeed and excel way beyond their goals.