Swiper, Yes Swiping!

Extract’s value extends well beyond just the information that is automatically captured.

There are many additional productivity tools in our UI that increase the speed and accuracy of users. With features like auto-zooming and highlighting all data on the image, there is a lot to talk about, but I’m going to dedicate the remainder of this blog post to my personal favorite: Extract’s swiping tools.

In short, Extract’s swiping tools allow the user to OCR a section of text from a document in real-time. This text will automatically be inserted into the currently selected field in our data entry panel. At face-value, this is a really cool thing to be able to do, but if you dig deeper there can be a drastic time savings related to being able to click the text you need to index as opposed to typing it in.

A large county might index 500,000 land record documents in a year. A typical county might have around 10 fields that need to be indexed. This is 5,000,000 pieces of data that need to be captured each year. If Extract automatically captures 90% of these fields without requiring any input from the user, there are still 500,000 pieces of information that need to be manually entered. Let’s make some conservative estimates about the user and this information. Let’s assume that the average end user types at a speed of 40 words per minute. Let’s also assume that each piece of data is only a single word (this is likely not the case for any grantor or grantee or address, etc.). Inputting that much information at that speed, means that users are still spending over 26 work days (8 hour days) annually, entering data. Extract’s swiping tools allow a user to simply point and click on a word on the document and that information is automatically populated into the field they have selected. Even without automatically capturing some values, Extract has already saved one of this county’s employees a month of work.

Extract is an industry leader in data capture. The platform offers a number of features to increase your organization’s speed and productivity in addition to just automatically capturing data. The next time you’re doing any manual data entry, think about all of the things you could do with an extra month of employee time.

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About the Author: Eric Davidson

Eric Davidson is a Customer Support Specialist & Project Manager at Extract. He is heavily involved in the design and development of Extract’s data entry interface. Prior to Extract, Eric spent 3 and a half years working in Healthcare IT and learning the ins and outs of EMRs at Epic.