PCI Compliance: Protect cardholder data with advanced redaction

As it becomes more and more clear that data breaches are a fact of modern day life, it is also clear we need to think about protecting consumer information in more diverse ways. 

One way to protect data is to simply redact it.  The problem is that the amount and type of information that needs to be redacted is diverse and often changes from state to state. 

Sometimes it might be enough to redact a credit card number.  Other times it may be required to redact dates of birth and consumer addresses.  It’s possible for one workflow you need the first twelve-digits of credit card numbers and DD/MM of birthdays redacted, while in another you need full sixteen-digit card numbers. 

These varying requirements add up to a process that is tedious, time consuming, and therefore costly.  Advanced redaction tools can play an important role in protecting card holder information as well as bringing the cost of doing so down. 

By leveraging OCR data and custom rules it is possible to scan sensitive documentation and propose redactions before a human looks at a document.  Redaction rules can be configured by requirement, and can automatically redact a large percentage of documents/data types. 

In some cases, it may be possible for redact a large percentage of documents automatically without a person ever having to look at them.  In others, a person would simply need to verify the information was correctly redacted. 

The software guides them from sensitive item to sensitive item so they don’t have to spend time manually scanning pages.  The result is a workflow that quickly turns redacted documents around and helps build another layer to keep consumer information safe. 

While it is possible for documents to be stolen, if they’ve been redacted using advanced redaction techniques it will be impossible for the sensitive information to be read.

About the Author: Kevin Tschopik

Kevin Tschopik works in Professional Services at Extract and has over 10 years of experience deploying and supporting IT systems. He holds a BS in Computer Science and is currently pursuing certification in Project Management. Kevin specializes in workflow planning/management and is involved with customers in every step of the process, from project kickoff to post live support. He resides in Madison WI where he enjoys the vibrant restaurant and craft brewing scene.