OCR Software is a Magical Tool

The OCR Process is the Equivalent of Magic

Imagine having a mountain of scanned and faxed paper documents in your office… oy vey—what a mess!

Now, imagine waving a magic wand over the mountainous pile of papers that automatically classifies the documents, captures the information and designates any potential confidential or otherwise important information.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, with automated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) this kind of magic is possible.

With OCR, the end goal is to capture all of the bits of information within the paper or PDF documents in order to use the captured data on the computer. This will eliminate the paper documents since all of the information needed is captured by the OCR software.

You would think that it would be easy to find words and information in a document. However, the most common form of scanned document is a PDF which is actually just a picture of a document. Using an automated OCR software streamlines and expedites this process by automatically pulling data or redacting confidential information in a matter of seconds.

These advancements in software are so wonderful that people all over the world are saving millions of hours on data-entry because of this solution.

Can you benefit from automated OCR? Read this recent blog post written by Kevin Tschopik, OCR 101: Can You Benefit From OCR?

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