The Risks of Manual Redaction

Redact as defined by Merriam-Webster is to select or adapt (as by obscuring or removing sensitive information) for publication or release.

Here’s a basic example:

Before: I would like to take you to dinner.
After: [REDACTED] would like to take [REDACTED] to dinner.

Protecting sensitive information through redaction is gaining priority across all organizations. With regulations tightening and the growing need to publish reports online, there is more data requiring redaction. Search engines can even find information that is hidden from our eyes, requiring more attention to redacting private data. Manually identifying this sensitive information is a huge undertaking. This time-consuming task is costly with a margin of error too large for comfort.

Manual Redaction: Time is of the Essence

More often than not, cases require quick turnaround times for review in order to produce relevant documents. To meet these urgent deadlines, the solution usually requires bringing in more expertise, whether that be data-entry specialists or attorneys—but that’s an expensive fix. Rushing through the redaction of sensitive information can also open a door to manual redaction errors.

Mistakes Happen with Manual Redaction

Human error is the most critical piece of manual redaction. Redaction mistakes have dire consequences when handling sensitive data and it is the organization’s responsibility to ensure citizens' personal information is not released where it shouldn’t be. The best solution for this manual redaction is to set a list of standards to follow. Taking time in the process and following specific standards will help reduce the risk of errors.

The Solution for Manual Redaction

Automated intelligent redaction can streamline your workflow while reducing time, costs, and room for error in your review. Partnering with a trusted provider of an automated redaction software can reduce the amount of time spent on these projects along with reducing any potential critical errors. Inside counsel can quickly and efficiently complete the review process on their own, saving on expensive hourly wages and resources that would have spent days parsing hundreds (if not thousands) of documents.

Extract’s intelligent automated redaction software has redacted over 3 billion pages for the following cases with zero reported data privacy breaches:

  • Court Records
  • Land Records
  • Legal Discovery
  • UCC Filings
  • Clinical Research
  • Payment Cards

Extract customizes its redaction capture fields in order to provide the highest capture rate possible to reduce the amount of remaining verification needs.

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About the Author: Chantel Soumis

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