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MARCH 27, 2017: On-demand


a.) in the "Media/Documents" tab?

b.) as discrete results in the EMR?

If you answered "b," this is a webinar you do not want to miss. We will take you on a quick product tour and show you how Extract can cut data entry needs by 50% and reduce critical data errors by 80%.

Healthcare Client Case Studies

University of Wisconsin Transplant Program

High volume transplant programs receive hundreds of thousands of external lab results every year - many programs report that more than 80% of their patients have lab tests performed at outside facilities. 

aurora health care

Aurora Health Care saw many patients who had tests preformed by physicians and specialists outside its system. 


Exact Sciences

Exact Sciences switches to Extract and nearly doubles their order entry volume without an increase in staff.


Features and cost benefits of using Extract

While it is hard to tie specific numbers to these benefits, we have created some tools for assisting you in calculating your annual cost savings by using Extract.

Healthcare Whitepapers

closing the medical data gap

Healthcare creates a wealth of data. This report will present an innovative technological solution to closing the gap between health information systems and external paper documents.


Healthcare Webinars

on-demand webinar: aurora health care discovers the cure for non-interfaced lab results

Automatically capturing results from external labs allows Aurora to accomplish several critical organizational objectives.

5 ingredients for a successful transplantation evaluation

Tune in to hear two experts discuss tactics designed to target the special opportunities and challenges of this critical phase of your transplant program.

getting clinical data out of pdf attachments and into the emr

Watch as Becky Schroder, MT (ASCP) University of Wisconsin Health - Information Services, explores the costs of allowing clinical data to remain in PDF attachments, why clinically-actionable information buried in these documents should be captured in discrete and structured EMR data fields, and how some hospitals are solving this problem. Becky talks about deploying intelligent data management software for unstructured clinical data—sharing the efficiency UW Health is gaining by streamlining workflows and reducing paper.

4 tips for automating oncology workflows

How does your organization currently handle non-interfaced lab, pathology, and radiology reports? Extract can help improve your company's workflows by automating document classification, document separation, advanced data capture, and saving the electronic data wherever your organization needs it, such as; to electronic medical records.


Healthcare Videos

how to automatically capture non-interfaced clinical lab results discretely

Watch this 2 minute demo video that will explain how to eliminate data entry by automatically capturing clinical lab test values in EMR fields.


Watch this 2 minute demo video that will demonstrate how to automate matching of faxed test results to EMR lab orders and improve patient safety.

How to automatically de-duplicate clinical test results

Watch this 2 minute demo video that will teach you how to automatically de-duplicate test results.