Extract Accelerates Redacting Data

PCI, PHI, or PII, Extract has your organization covered. Whether you need to redact Payment Card Industry data or Protected Health Information, Extract's intelligent automated redaction software gets the job done - quickly and accurately.

Extract Systems has redacted over 4 billion pages for the following cases with zero reported data privacy breaches.

  • Purchase Orders

  • Medical Records

  • Insurance Forms

  • Credit Card Statements

  • Court Records

  • Land Records

  • Legal Discovery

  • UCC Filings

  • Clinical Research

Our Redaction Feature is a Superior Solution

Extract is the fastest, most accurate redaction software. Our redaction solution guarantees 99% post-verification accuracy and stays up-to-date with redaction law changes. Using proven rulesets from over 300 customers today, we support privacy standards in all 50 states and still allow the rules to be easily tailored to customer-specific requirements.

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See for yourself why more and more organizations are using Extract. 

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Extract's Intelligent Redaction Solutions Help Customers Like You

Tyson Fettes Testimonial Image

Racine county, wisconsin

"Bringing indexing in-house saves Racine County $30,000 annually and records are available to the public two to three hours after they're filed. Accurate, computerized indexing is now an important part of the recording process. The software is easy to use which minimizes the impact on county staff."

Tyson Fettes
Register of Deeds

Greg Brush Testimonial Image

Montgomery County, Ohio

"Extract is one of the best vendors we have ever worked with. I wish all of our vendors were as responsive and dedicated to providing superior service."

Greg Brush
Clerk of Court

Staci M Hoffman Testimonial Image

jefferson county, wisconsin

"From the first day onsite to the project's completion, Extract's support team was knowledgeable and responsive. Extract's technology and staff performed well above our expectations for the county's redaction project."

Staci M. Hoffman
Register of Deeds

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