Inpatient scanning overwhelming or too slow?

Here’s how Extract can help:

No more printing and rescanning; no more barcode stickers or forms

Using a proven software, you can avoid printing documents in order to apply barcode stickers or identifiers.  Instead, patient demographics and document types are found and matched to information in your EMR. 

No more manual sorting and separating

Instead of assigning your staff, use technology to sort, separate, prioritize, and automate the flow of documents and data entering the organization.  You can pre-define where you want documents to go and what should happen with them next.

No more manual indexing

Using intelligent software algorithms, machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence, index data is easily found and captured.  It is pre-validated against data in your EMR where possible.  Where necessary, your staff performs quality checking instead of data entry, ensuring better accuracy.

Reducing costs and turnaround time with full automation

Reduce costs associated with manual indexing processes by automation. Use indexing staff for quality assurance and exception processing.  If captured data matches your defined criteria, then documents will file with no human intervention.  This reduces staff requirements and the time it takes to get document to the right places in the EMR.

File documents to the right place in the EMR with ease

Automate scanning to order and encounters/visits based on better indexing information found in documents.  Find matching open orders and encounters. There are also options to create new ones right from the indexing interface. This means clinicians can find data and documents with ease and it's available for clinical quality measures.

Increase indexing accuracy and productivity

Accuracy and consistency increased by the software's approach to each document type by applying your organization's specifications. It features highly accurate classification and indexing rules.  The software automates the capture of richer data used to file documents automatically, reducing burdens on your staff.

Automate the capture of richer indexing information, with more detail

If indexing information could be captured with more detail automatically from documents, would you use it?  Automate the capture of date of service, descriptions, and other relevant indexing information. Your staff QA reviews it when necessary instead of manually entering.  Detailed indexing data makes it easier for clinicians to locate documents they need.

Automate scanning to order and encounter levels

This powerful solution "speaks" to the EMR to find patients. It finds applicable open orders to file documents to or find related encounters.  Based on the document type and your desired workflows, the right procedures are chosen automatically. You can create unsolicited orders or encounters when filing if that is the best way for your physicians to find data.

When review is necessary, your staff is supported

 Instead of manual data entry, your staff provides the Quality Assurance. The software shows your staff the errors and where they exist. It shows the captured data directly above where it was captured from.  This reduces eye strain and greatly improves accuracy.  Once staff finishes the review, they click "OK." The document and data then flows into the EMR.  Meanwhile, your staff already moved onto reviewing the next document.

All the data you need to run your business

Everything that happens in this system is reportable. Where did a document come from? How long did it take to process? Who touched it along the way? What exactly did they do as they reviewed it? Where did it file? What is the indexing data captured from it? What is each employees accuracy, speed, and productivity?  Standard reports are built in and others can be customized to your needs.  You tell us what you need to run your department and we will help you get the information.