Value Based Care Initiatives Take Backseat

Improving value-based patient care is one of the main goals of healthcare organizations.

The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions recently conducted a national survey that included around 300 healthcare systems, to gain a more complete understanding of how they operate. 

Value based care, although front and center, is deficient in  funding it needs to grow initiatives and report proper data.

Reporting on value-based performance incentives and value based care metrics falls last on the list of priorities, only after leaderships focuses on clinical care, screening inpatients and screening high-utilizer populations. Through this survey, they found 40% of healthcare systems have no ability to measure value based care, even though they state that this is one of their main goals.

Hospitals want patients to get set up with value based care programs that are guaranteed to help them but are struggling to identify what those specific programs are. On the contrary, some hospitals know exactly what the programs are but have no way of reaching the patients they need to target.

Some of the ways Deloitte suggests would help hospitals address their social needs and start to see their patients receive benefits include: tracking quality of care metrics closely and reporting more frequently, continuing to explore and develop value based care models and finding technology that can assist in the reporting efforts.

Extract Systems has a track record of minimizing the workload of busy physicians and allowing hospitals to focus their resources where they matter most.

With Extract, the 40% of healthcare systems that don’t have an ability to measure value based care, may be able to make room in their schedules to define and perfect their operations, with more of an emphasis on the social health of their organization. Reach out to a solutions expert today for your free ROI assessment.


Kari Siegenthaler is a Marketing Specialist for the Marketing Department at Extract. Kari attained her Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications and convergent media at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. Wearing the “hat of all trades,” she has an unusual, hybrid ability to write narratives, creatively craft meaningful messages, and design graphically compelling images. Kari is passionate about effective communication and developing strategy plans that allow Extract to succeed and excel way beyond their goals.