The Importance of Upgrading

Change is the only constant in life.

The same is also true for software. I can’t count the number of times I’ve finally succumbed to Windows and installed its latest updates only to find out there are already more available. When it comes to software, I often find myself thinking “I like this the way it is, it works and does everything I need it to do. Upgrading will just change all the things I like or break a feature that I rely on.” But what if there is a flip side to that coin? That’s where the Extract Systems Platform comes in.

Upgrading doesn't have to slow you down

For many systems, the process of upgrading can be a major undertaking. It involves weeks of reconfiguration, months of testing both old and new workflows, and lots of retraining. The process of upgrading with Extract is quick and easy. Our platform can easily be upgraded off-hours with little-to-no downtime for end users. During my time in healthcare IT, I have worked on upgrades of multiple software solutions at various healthcare organizations. The first time I performed an upgrade of the Extract Platform, I was surprised at how quickly and smoothly it could be done. Ease isn’t the only thing to consider when deciding whether to upgrade, though.

New releases bring innovative features and increase the stability and efficiency of existing ones. With Extract, each upgraded version incorporates new and improved tools that increase our data capture efficiency. We also place a heavy focus on the needs of our customers when developing new features. Flexibility has always been a strength of the Extract Platform and this configuration makes it easy to leave existing workflows unaffected while implementing new ones that come with an upgrade.

Be more efficient with the latest functionalities

Extract is constantly developing better tools for extraction, indexing, and redaction. Upgrading is the only way to take advantage of these. If you are a current user of the Extract Platform and regularly attend our Bi-Monthly Healthcare Round tables, you have probably noticed that we regularly show new functionality that is available in our newest releases. We want all our customers to be using our latest and greatest features. The more current you are, the easier it is to upgrade when a new version is released. So, stay up-to-date, be on the cutting edge, embrace the change, and get the most out of your software.

Contact your PS representative to discuss updating opportunities that make sense for your organization. 

About the Author: Eric Davidson

Eric Davidson is a Customer Support Specialist & Project Manager at Extract. He is heavily involved in the design and development of Extract’s data entry interface. Prior to Extract, Eric spent 3 and a half years working in Healthcare IT and learning the ins and outs of EMRs at Epic.