The Feedback Loop

A few weeks back I had the privilege of lying in a hospital bed for three full days.  One thing I couldn’t shake was the incredible amount of information being thrown at me (or anyone in my room) at any given time.  My heart rate, blood pressure, and O2 displayed and beeping on my left– IV levels and status on my right (also beeping on occasion) – available medications and schedule in front of me on a whiteboard.  As a patient it felt like an incredible amount of information to process at all times. This got me thinking about how in many aspects of our lives we’re given a flood of information.  Our cars, phones, computers, and even appliances all provide us with a wealth of data points.  We’re then expected to sort through what’s important and make decisions to move forward. 

This feedback loop is especially hard to manage in any modern application where hundreds of data points are being generated at any given time.  The HealthyData platform that Extract provides is no exception.  Every time a document is processed we’re collecting data about: when it was received, who worked on it, what they entered, when it was sent to the EMR, etc., and it can be difficult or even impossible to make any sense of it in its raw state.  Without carefully thought out reporting, this wealth in information is essentially meaningless.  With that in mind, Extract created its own Business Intelligence tool to create custom dashboards for organizing all the data created in the process.

Some example widgets we can create include:

  • How long it takes documents to get from fax to being verified, and subsequently into the EMR

  • Overall rules accuracy

  • Individual user productivity/accuracy

  • Breakdown of where outside documents are coming from

    • Which of these locations tend to have trouble faxes (low image quality/accuracy)

Extract’s Analytics Dashboard

Extract’s Analytics Dashboard

Custom views can be created which will allow you to utilize the exact data that will help get the most out of the HealthyData platform.  Additionally, the full dashboard can be filtered by any piece of data in an individual widget.  Want to check how long it takes users to index from a specific outside lab? How many incoming documents you receive of a specific document type? What outside organization sends the most faxes per day? No problem, since you can filter on any piece of information it’s easy to drill down into the answer you need. The goal is that we want you to be able to filter out any noise you don’t want so you can focus on the information that will help you improve your business practices. If you’d like to see that dashboards and widgets in action, please reach out for a demonstration.


Kevin Tschopik works in Professional Services at Extract and has over 10 years of experience deploying and supporting IT systems. He holds a BS in Computer Science and is currently pursuing certification in Project Management. Kevin specializes in workflow planning/management and is involved with customers in every step of the process, from project kickoff to post live support. He resides in Madison WI where he enjoys the vibrant restaurant and craft brewing scene.