AI + Healthcare Mobile Applications = Personalized Care

Artificial intelligence, or AI, makes it possible for a machine to learn from set experiences, adjust to new inputs, and perform tasks similar to how a human would. You may have heard of self-driving cars or chess playing computers, both of which are possible because of AI. Now, AI is slowly finding its way into various parts of healthcare, including mobile devices.

The Georgia Institute of Technology has designed a mobile application that’s main goal is to guide and support cancer patients.

The app, called MyPath, gives 50 breast cancer patients within rural Georgia personalized evolving recommendations on anything from side effects to insurance.

AI, which uses data and patterns within that data set to train and accomplish a given task, could change the healthcare application world as we know it currently. At HIMSS19, Sutter Health, Ada Health, QuartzClinical, and others introduced applications that are utilizing AI.

MyPath uses a mobile library of various resources that is compiled by the American Cancer Society and several other reputable organizations. But that’s just the start as the information is then personalized for each patient’s individual diagnosis and his/her treatment plan.

To keep the system up to date, app users complete surveys on their needs and symptoms on a regular basis. Let’s say for example, a user reports in her survey that she is experiencing nausea, the app will direct the patient to resources that can help ease that nausea symptom

Elizabeth Mynatt, who is the executive director of the Georgia Tech Institute for People and Technology and a professor at the Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing, was the principal investigator for the creation and development of MyPath. Mynatt and her team worked with the Harbin Clinic located in Rome, Georgia. Harbin uses holistic cancer care sees the variety of challenges patients that reside in rural areas face when working through their cancer.

Mynatt explain that “Patients have told us, ‘It just seemed to magically know what I needed. Every day MyPath puts the right resources at your fingertips to help you through your cancer journey."

So what’s next for MyPath? Mynatt and her team are in the process of explained the app and extend its offerings to cancer survivors, who themselves, face very individualized challenges.

Here at Extract, we too are utilizing AI to automate document data extraction in a variety of industries, including healthcare. There is a wealth of information and data healthcare organizations are received from scans, faxes, and paper documents. Our HealthyData platform automates that process and puts the needed data directly into your EMR or preferred downstream system.

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About the Author: Taylor Genter

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