How One Hospital Reduced High-Risk Patient Hospitalizations by Utilizing IT

California Correctional Health Care Services is using IT to reduce hospitalizations for high risk-patients and won the 2018 Davies Community Award of Excellence.

If you back up ten years, California Correctional Health Care Services was swimming in paper. “Tens of thousands of inches of healthcare records were spread out across the state at more than 30 institutions – as well as a more than 150,000 square foot warehouse archive. The patient population reached numbers of more than 125,000 individuals, with approximately 600 new arrivals every week and roughly 11,000 transfers monthly.”

With that volume of paper documents, it’s no surprise they would sometimes wind up lost during transfers to different locations. In addition to lost records, most processes were human-dependent and healthcare risks were not considered appropriately during patient placement. During this time, ”placing vulnerable, clinically complex patients in inappropriate locations was identified as a frequent contributor to potentially avoidable adverse health outcomes.”

In 2009, California Correctional took a step in the right direction, by introducing a process that established a few factors to consider when housing individuals and introduced the concept of a "basic" versus "intermediate" care institution. While they saw improvements, it still was a very human and paper dependent process, and was often not up to date or accurate. This is because staff spent large amounts of time dedicated to identifying, updating, and communicating those factors that were key to proper patient placement.

The next step was to improve on the staff and paper dependent process. To do so, California Correctional began the multi-year journey to shift business practices from paper to electronic, and the organization also looked to automate the clinical risk tracking system.

They saw improvements in several areas:

o   Improved accuracy

o   Improved consistency

o   Improved transparency

California Correctional Health Care Services will be recognized during HIMSS19, February 11-15 in Orlando, Florida.

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About the Author: Taylor Genter

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