Epic Aims For Global Interoperability

Interoperability; the ability of computer systems or software to exchange and make use of information. 

Epic’s annual User Group Meeting just wrapped up this past week and interoperability was a hot topic. Judy Faulkner, CEO of Epic, told more than 10,000 of the meeting attendees that Epic is working on taking interoperability global. 

Earlier this year, Epic launched the One Virtual System Worldwide initiative which enables “clinicians across all organizations using Epic to more easily gather, share, and interact with health data no matter the location and presents the data in an unified view.” When the initiative was first announced, Dave Fuhrmann, Epic’s VP of Interoperability explained that they are moving interoperability from a ‘view more’ perspective to being able to actually ‘do more’ with the health data collected. 

UNC Health announced the use of the “Happy Together” component of the One Virtual System Worldwide to pull in EHR data from other health systems, creating a much more complete view of its patients. This more comprehensive view allowed them to improve care for its diabetes patients.

During this year’s User Group Meeting, Faulkner told attendees that the “possibilities enabled by the shared network of One Virtual System Worldwide were huge.” She also went on to say that Epic would help many healthcare organizations improve their patient care and, in turn, could result in making medical advances.

"Together, we can find answers to many puzzling questions, and prevent many diseases," said Faulkner, according to the Cap Times.

Extract recognizes the importance of interoperability in the healthcare industry. Our HealthyData platform is an intelligent document handling solution that can sort your incoming documents for you, route them to the right place, and even capture the important information from the documents before filing it to your EMR. This allows your data entry staff to quickly handle the exception cases and your clinicians to easily find what they are looking for when they need it.

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About the Author: Taylor Genter

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