Extract And Your DMS Are A Match Made In EMR Heaven

If you’re a hospital system, you deal with an insane number of documents on a daily basis.  Because of this, it is extremely likely that you have a Document Management System (DMS) to assist with document storage, retrieval, versioning, and archival.  Popular DMS’s like OnBase or ImageNow serve their purpose in helping to manage the vast number of documents flowing through a healthcare organization. Even if you don’t have an official, stand-alone DMS, you are almost certainly leveraging your EMR’s document storage mechanism to serve this purpose.

At Extract, we’re often asked if our platform is a document management system.  The answer is no, and we don’t ever intend for it to be. Extract’s goal is to empower your DMS to work in ways you’ve always dreamed of.

Every DMS does their best, but we’ve found that relying on them for things like pagination or indexing can be a struggle for many companies.  When you have Extract ingest your documents they are:

  • Delivered to the DMS or any other downstream system you use based on agreed-upon criteria
  • Paginated without the need for separator pages
  • Fully indexed…the vast majority of the index data being automatically populated before the indexers ever see the documents
  • Easily linked to orders and encounters, auto-proposing connections based on information already contained within your systems

Scanning and indexing are a major chore at any healthcare organization, and relying solely on your DMS to deal with complex classification, indexing, linking to the correct data in your EMR, and routing to the appropriate clinicians can result in frustration, errors, and inefficient workflows.  Extract can intercept your documents and feed them to your DMS and/or EMR more efficiently, accurately, and at the appropriate level (such as encounter or results). On top of that, we can ensure that the documents get routed to the appropriate clinicians once they land in the EMR to ensure timely review.

Let Extract empower your DMS and EMR to be the best they can be.  To learn more about functionality like document classification, indexing, pagination, order entry, and more, reach out to us today for a demonstration or more information specific to your business.

(NOTE: if you do not have a stand-alone DMS, we can be a much more affordable option by serving the role of indexing the documents and storing the documents directly in your EMR without the need to purchase a DMS.)


Rob Fea spent 12 years partnering with IT teams and clinicians at major hospitals and clinics worldwide during his tenure on the technical services team at Epic. Rob supported Epic's Phoenix product, playing a major role in project kickoffs, installation, data conversions, ongoing support, and optimization. Rob watched the Phoenix customer base expand from 0 to 55 live and installing transplant organizations. This experience gave Rob expansive insight into the healthcare world, especially the solid organ transplant industry. Rob has spent countless hours on the floor in transplant departments observing multidisciplinary visits, committee review meetings, data entry, data trending, reporting, medication dosing, and more.