Patient Experience Platforms

Going to the doctor’s office can often be a chore, and that’s not including the actual examination.  Scheduling, checking in, paperwork, and billing can all be a hassle, adding an extra layer of inconvenience to your visit.  If it’s like this from the patient side for a single visit, the issues are multiplied tenfold for the healthcare provider.

This is why many smaller offices are moving toward patient management experience platforms.  By implementing one of these platforms, a solo practitioner in Nebraska was able to reduce time spent on administrative tasks by nearly 20 hours per week.  That’s the type of change that not only has an impact on the bottom line, but also on staff job satisfaction.

While larger healthcare systems have implemented similar systems, solo practitioners are finally catching up in allowing patients to more easily check-in, check-out, and pay any outstanding balances.  Implementing systems like this are truly a win-win as on the one hand, payments are expedited, scheduling is more effective, and job satisfaction is increased, and on the other, the patient has a more seamless experience and features they expect, like being able to pay a bill from their phone.

Integrating with an EHR is imperative in these systems and serves to speed up patient care even more.  With dozens of patient experience software platforms on the market, it’s important to vet the system and find one that can achieve interoperability with your systems.

While Extract generally works with larger healthcare organizations, we’re all about increasing clinician satisfaction and reducing time-consuming tasks like manual data entry.  By automating document ingestion and data extraction workflows, we allow your clinicians to spend more time with their patients or their family, rather than manually sorting documents and entering data.

If you’d like to learn more about how we do this, please reach out to us today and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

About the Author: Chris Mack

Chris is a Marketing Manager at Extract with experience in product development, data analysis, and both traditional and digital marketing.  Chris received his bachelor’s degree in English from Bucknell University and has an MBA from the University of Notre Dame.  A passionate marketer, Chris strives to make complex ideas more accessible to those around him in a compelling way.