Federal Healthcare IT Budget Increases

Healthcare has been a contentious issue in politics lately, but what has been agreed upon is that the expenditures on government health information technology will reach $8.5B in 2022.  VA and DoD EHR projects with Cerner are some of the main reasons that this cost will be growing over the next several years.

While it’s obviously quite expensive to implement a large-scale project like the adoption of a new EHR, there will be benefits that include allowing government healthcare records to be interoperable with civilian health systems.

The VA has long been plagued by problems, and many of them have come back to funding.  The goal is to have the best interest of veterans in mind, so the fact that the federal government is providing more resources should be a positive change for those making use of the VA’s services.

The Washington D.C. VA hospital has had particular scrutiny recently over a misuse of funds, so it’s imperative that as this money is allocated, it is used in a responsible way, to ensure that our veterans can receive both the care they need, but also have comprehensive online medical records that allow any healthcare organization to have a complete view of their patient.

While fiscal conservatives may be wary of the increase in military health IT budgets, it’s important to note not only the fraction of the overall military budget that this represents, but also the benefits that can be realized as a result of these modernization projects.  Better patient records can lead to better diagnoses, more accurate trending of vital health statistics, and the type of preventative care that costs less than waiting for larger issues to manifest.

At Extract, we have a commitment to helping healthcare organizations not only increase the accuracy of information entered into health records, but to have data delivered faster.  Workflows using manual data entry can be error-prone and cause clinicians to need to spend time getting data into a patient’s file while they could be spending that time with a patient, or completing a number of other critical tasks.

Whether your organization is affiliated with our veterans or helping every day citizens, we’d like to make your organization more effective, save money, and make the best use of your employees’ time.

If you’d like to hear about how we’ve done that, you’d like to speak with us, or you’d like to see a demo of our software, please reach out today and we’ll get back to you right away.

About the Author: Chris Mack

Chris is a Marketing Manager at Extract with experience in product development, data analysis, and both traditional and digital marketing.  Chris received his bachelor’s degree in English from Bucknell University and has an MBA from the University of Notre Dame.  A passionate marketer, Chris strives to make complex ideas more accessible to those around him in a compelling way.