Extract Systems Platform Release, Version 10.6 Features

If you’ve been following Ellen Bzomowski’s blog “The Benefits of an Enterprise-wide Fax/Scan Handling Solution in Healthcare”, you may not be surprised to hear our just-released version 10.6 adds features to streamline enterprise-wide deployments.

If you haven't read the blog, read Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

There’s a lot of technological mumbo-jumbo behind these features, but what you really need to know is this:

The Extract Systems platform can now easily be deployed for use across a wide-range of departments and clinics using a single server installation and database.

Each department or clinic can use their own custom workflow that acts independently from all the others, while their documents and data are maintained as part of a larger Extract Systems ecosystem. This makes administrative tasks such as spinning up new departments a snap, and makes available comprehensive data for tracking, reporting and analysis of scans and faxes from across the entire organization.

That is just one of the many new features and enhancements in version 10.6. Several others play into successful enterprise-wide deployments in the healthcare space, but version 10.6 has benefits for virtually everyone including:

  •  A RESTful web API to allow much easier integrations with third party document management systems or processes.
  • Enhancements to our engine and its machine learning capabilities to enable more accurate results in a wider range of situations.
  • Improved accuracy reporting by allowing capture statistics to be broken down in virtually any imaginable way and allowing better customization of the results format.
  • Improved scalability of our engine; while we have long been able to use multiple CPU cores to process multiple documents, 10.6 allows multiple CPU cores to be devoted to processing a single document faster. This is particularly useful in reducing the time it takes to process a large document.
  • Automatic rotation of document pages that were scanned sideways or upside down. Among other things, this ensures documents routed into a document management system or EMR are more readily consumed when needed.


Steve Kurth is the Software Development Manager at Extract. With 15 years of experience, Steve is an expert in the design, development and testing of primarily Windows-based enterprise software. Steve is always eager to find creative software solutions for complex customer requests.