Transplant is Joining the Jet Age. Will test results be able to keep up? (yes, with intelligent data capture)

In an article in Forbes business magazine today, Peter Ubel, begins to investigate the question of whether or not we should be striving for a world in which all transplant candidates should have access to LearJets so that they can place themselves on multiple waiting lists and have a greater chance of reaching the top of that list in time?  No matter how you feel personally or professionally about this issue, an important point that he raises in the world of transplant is this: as technology (planes, drugs, etc.) improves and allows for greater possibilities of organs for a greater pool of candidates, how can we be sure that waitlists are always accurate and up to date.  What technologies do we need to deploy to be sure that they are so that we can keep up with the speed in which patients can be ushered to us?  Being certain that all the data you need in order to maintain these waitlists are accurate and ready to compute the items needed to update that list are very important. If you have lab results or other important documents in a pile of documents, can you be sure you have the most accurate list?

Read how University of Wisconsin Transplant Program brought clinical lab results into the jet age with the help of Extract Systems.

About the Author: Greg Gies

For 20 years in the software industry, Greg Gies has been helping businesses, government agencies and healthcare organizations achieve their goals and carry out their missions by making better use of information and automating business processes. Greg has held positions in sales, product management and marketing and holds an MBA from Babson College. He works and lives with his wife and three boys in the Boston area.