No lab interfaces? No problem.

If you’re responsible for managing the process or technology for relaying test results from reference labs to ordering physicians, you’re probably familiar with the difficulty of handling non-interfaced clinical lab results even if you’re not familiar with the term “non-interfaced.” 

Simply stated, non-interfaced lab results are diagnostic test reports that arrive by mail, are carried in by a patient, arrive on your fax machine, fax server inbox or that you download from a portal instead of results that are transmitted to your office through lab interfaces.

The reasons you continue to receive test results by fax after implementing lab interfaces are… 

  1. The high costs of lab interfaces aren’t justifiable unless a minimum test volume is met.  Therefore, you won’t have interfaces to all laboratories you order from. 
  2. Some smaller laboratories don’t offer an interface delivery option.
  3. The patient’s location may require testing to be performed by a non-interfaced provider.  
  4. Geographic constraints of your interfaced providers may require you to order time-sensitive tests from labs you don’t interface to.
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Whether you already manually enter the data in the EMR, scan and attach a PDF i [Extract Systems LabDE handles test results when lab interfaces can't.] n the patient’s record or both, you know how frustratingly slow, error-prone and unsatisfactory these approaches are for everyone involved – including the unwitting patient who is at greater risk of mistreatment due to post-analytic errors.  The good news is there’s a better way. 

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