Can advanced data capture solve your employee turnover problem?

You've just installed a new electronic health record and a dedicated module for transplant.

Now you discover your long term medical secretary, who is capable of typing 90 wpm, is planning to retire. What do you do? High turnover in any service line is a problem, but when you have a constant flow of paper in an environment that requires up-to-the-moment patient data, it is only a matter of time until patient safety becomes your primary sense of urgency. What are your options? 

Have you experienced this before? 

Your long term employee leaves and now you need to hire two people to handle the workload.

You hate to see them go after investing so much effort to train them on your specialized service line, but it's not uncommon for your workflow to be impacted by life decisions; employees move, retire, get sick.

Healthcare media continues to report that numbers of patient encounters are steadily rising due to the Affordable Care Act, especially in large urban areas. The problem will persist while your new hire(s) get up-to-speed. Your appreciation for that former employee will skyrocket when you realize how much the speed and accuracy of data entry fluctuates from one employee to the next.

Again, what are your options?

What if you could rely on software tools that capture your paper-based health information right from the fax machine, then enter discrete data automatically and accurately in your EMR? Advanced Data Capture improves your productivity by 50% immediately, even when your workforce is not dependable for whatever reason. Advanced Data Capture provides robust database validation to ensure that the right components, logical values and appropriate measures are input and flags the user if they are not. It can pre-populate many fields based on information it has captured (MRN, Order Number, etc.). Advanced Data Capture validates any information it has captured automatically in addition to the data your employee has entered against pre-defined logic. In other words, Advanced Data Capture has training on all the possible inputs which are built into the system so that your new employee does not have to have years of experience, and can learn faster by being corrected along the way. There are tools offering a seamless QA workflow to allow another set of eyes to easily review data.

Advanced data capture is available right now, and many hospitals and laboratories benefit from these reliable productivity and accuracy tools. Advanced Data Capture provides options for you in cases where there is variability in your workforce or increased workload at peak times of the month. And you won't experience delays in accessing important patient data. 

About the Author: Greg Gies

For 20 years in the software industry, Greg Gies has been helping businesses, government agencies and healthcare organizations achieve their goals and carry out their missions by making better use of information and automating business processes. Greg has held positions in sales, product management and marketing and holds an MBA from Babson College. He works and lives with his wife and three boys in the Boston area.