A {Free} Program Aims to Enhance Cybersecurity for Local Governments

Most people are aware that cybersecurity is something to be conscious of when it comes to their personal networks, online banking, and computers, but even the government is susceptible to attacks, and hackers are targeting both local and state governments. 

There are recent estimates that say state governments face 150 million attacks a day, an all-time high. That is why a team at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is working to help all levels of government secure their networks. The program provides free services to any organization that requests its help, ranging from local governments to private companies. 

The program is a part of a new group within DHS, called the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. The group is primarily made up of cybersecurity experts who provide remote and in-person technical support focusing on pinpointing and analyzing network and system vulnerabilities. 

The program, which was founded in mid-2000’s, started as more compliance based and has since shifted to more of a risk management mission. As the group looks to grow further, they are aiming to add more clients, widen their service availability, and utilize up and coming technologies, such as automation. Don Benack, who was the program’s former deputy director, and has since been promoted to a new position, explained, “We have over 1,200 state and local and critical infrastructure customers leveraging the service and we hope to keep growing. Our message [over the years] hasn’t changed, and the value statement hasn’t changed. Every year, we get a few more resources.” 

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For more information on the DHS Cybersecurity Assessments program, visit www.dhs.gov/cisa/cybersecurity-assessments. 

Source: https://www.govtech.com/security/Free-Federal-Program-Helps-Local-Govs-Beef-Up-Cybersecurity.html

About the Author: Taylor Genter

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