Self-Driving Cars Will Change The Future

Lyft, a company that specializes in on-demand transportation services, just launched a pilot for one of the first self-driving systems. In Boston, Lyft is working alongside nuTonomy, a company that has been developing and deploying driverless car systems since 2013. They are also working in San Francisco, partnering with, a newly formed self-driving startup company.


The First Self-Driving Car To Change The Future of Driving

Lyft is working to develop self-driving software so it can continue partnerships with other self-driving companies around the United States, and eventually, internationally.

The first self-driving car is being released onto the road in Boston’s Seaport area and then in San Francisco Bay Area. Not everyone will be able to take a ride in this car though. Riders are being selected to receive a ride only around the Seaport area for testing. Due to Uber’s downfall, Lyft has a chance to really prove themselves by paving a way for self-driving cars.

Instead of having a self-driving company bring a car and plugging into the Lyft system, Lyft will have their own vehicles running their own software. While there will still be a driver in the driver’s seat, it’s only for safety. The car will show up driving itself with the driver’s hand off the steering wheel. This technology is being perfected and these test runs will help to work out any kinks in the system.

On-Demand Transportation Service Goals

Lyft has mentioned that their goal is to have all of their on-demand transportation services self-driving by 2021. They have quite a bit of work to do to get to their goals as it takes ample time and resources to make this happen. But, they are motivated to be competitive. 

Having multiple company partnerships will work in Lyft’s favor. If a self-driving company fails, Lyft’s partnerships with other places will remain, so they can see this technology development through.

To reach these goals, Lyft built and is opening a 50,000 square foot facility for all of their engineering in Palo Alto, California called “Level 5.” They have a goal of hiring hundreds of engineers by the end of 2018.

An Increase in Innovation

With inventions like the self-driving car, technological innovations are becoming more constant and common. Technology is changing the way mankind functions and completes tasks – at home and at work. There is even technology that automates workflows to maximize your productivity – making you more efficient and promoting a greater relationship between humans and machines.

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