Reduce error rate? Easy, automate your workflows

I am human. I am not perfect. I make errors, as all humans do. I can also appreciate all the advances in technology that allow me to reduce my error rate. Whether it be the little red line that shows up underneath words spelled incorrectly while I am typing an email, or the GPS on my phone that reroutes automatically after I miss a turn. These advances in technology allow me to focus on other tasks that humans are needed to accomplish, that no robot or software can supplement.

Human errors are inevitable, and we all know that. We also know that errors can be extremely costly for organizations and can even be life threatening in certain situations. Why not avoid these issues by using technology to reduce human errors? Just as technology assists my spelling and driving, technology can assist by taking mundane repetitive task in a workplace, that are being performed over-and-over again by humans, and automate them.

Imagine a redaction process where all the tasks within this redaction workflow, are manually completed by the same person every day. This person may forget the password needed to log in and connect to the database, or they may have to sort through stacks of thousands of paper documents, that can stick to one another and be missed, to find a needed document. Once the correct document has been located this human must make sure all the sensitive information is redacted. To complete this task, this human needs to be trained to understand which sensitive information they are looking to redact (sensitive information that typically need to be redacted are names, addresses, and social security numbers). Once training has taken place, this human looks through the document and locates sensitive information, and runs their black redaction marker over it, blacking it out so that nobody can read it. After the document has been redacted, it can made available to the public. If any of the sensitive information was overlooked, people’s identities could be stolen or the office could undergo a data breach claim.

After walk through of this example, anyone can see how human errors can easily be committed due to fatigue, stress, negligence, or can be simply be an honest mistake cause by boredom. We can minimize human errors by reducing human participation in the process. By automating workflows, you can reduce error rate, increase productivity, and allow humans to focus on other tasks that actually need humans to accomplish.

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About the Author: Tera Madigan

As a designer of experiences, Tera strives to bridge the gap between the user's needs, the physical world, and innovative technology by creating intuitive and engaging cross-channel experiences. By gaining valuable insight from people's motivations, behaviors, and attitudes, she enjoys analyzing findings to quickly iterate on ideas to help develop amazing products and experiences that meet real human needs--needs that they may never have thought about. She is an experienced Creative Leader who has a strong record of building and implementing successful branding, digital marketing, and eCommerce strategic plans. Tera has first-hand experience with starting and leading programs that have substantially increased awareness and driven large growth in eCommerce, UX, Web/App Design, and Digital Marketing for leading brands. She has a strong talent for understanding "the big picture" and leading large diversified and cross-functional teams in a large corporate setting as well as a fast paced, nimble and agile startup environment.