Redaction of Pre-Existing Files

As an agency, you are working hard to ensure the security of your new incoming document workflow by using some methodology to find and redact sensitive information

However, what about all those files you have in your Document Management System (DMS) that were there before you started redaction?   As requests come through for these back-file documents, are you checking these before issuing copies? 

No worries, Extract is here to help you and there are a couple different options depending on how you would like to approach a solution.

Adding Redaction to Your Document Workflow

The most popular method Extract uses to solve this problem is providing redaction as a service.  This involves an export of your documents from your DMS. Then you send them to Extract for processing. 

In our secure facility, we will review your documents and create a set of intelligent capture rules that best fit your business requirements.  We then process documents against the rules and review all necessary files to be certain the proper redactions are applied

High Accuracy of Redacted Documents

We guarantee 98.5-99% accuracy for finding redactions that need to be applied to documents.  We will then return copies of all the redacted images along with a list of documents that contain redactions. 

You can import these documents back into your DMS so you can later select the redacted documents when needed.

Installing the Platform On-Site

Another solution for handling pre-existing documents would be for Extract to install our platform for redaction on-site.  This implementation would include a set of customized business rules to find the necessary sensitive information on your documents. 

Extract installs a document workflow for processing these documents and performs training for how the redaction platform functions.  As the documents are processed through these rules, sensitive information will be selected for review by a set of users at your facility.    

Documents Are Reviewed By Users

Your users review documents using the Extract platform and upon completion,  redacted copies of all documents with sensitive information are created.  These documents can then be imported into your DMS. 

This solution addresses your back-file documents, but what about your day-forward documents?  Since you already have the Extract platform for redaction, we can also set up a workflow to process these documents.  Double-bonus! 

A Solution to Fit Your Needs

Thinking about ensuring the security of documents in your possession can be a daunting proposition, but fortunately, Extract has solutions to fit your needs.  We have processed billions of documents for back-file and day-forward implementations all over the country. 

Let Extract help you take the worries out of document security with Extract's automated redaction platform. Contact us today for a personalized demo on how Extract can help with your needs.

About the Author: Mike Beles

Mike Beles, Customer Support Specialist & Project Manager at Extract, has been involved with implementing and leading software projects for over 18 years. He has a well-versed background in software training, support, quality assurance as well as both product and project management.