5 Court Obstacles for Automated Redaction

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As technology continues to advance throughout government organizations across the nation, we are continuously approached with obstacles for court professionals to overcome. Let’s address these barriers courts face when considering an automated redaction solution.

We seal documents most
likely to contain sensitive
personal information.

Has your office thought about making some of these records available online? If so, automated redaction software can streamline the process and put the redactor at ease, knowing the incredibly accurate solution will pinpoint and call-out any potentially confidential information. Sealing documents may provide a short term solution, but doesn’t permanently address the issue.

It is the filer’s
to redact.

This is the case for many courts, but what if a filer fails to redact? It will be your office that is in the news if information is inadvertently made available online. While the court may not be technically responsible – that isn’t how it is typically viewed in the court of public opinion.  What if you could run all document through an automated process in a good faith effort to catch missed redactions?  Plus, what about your historical documents? Automated redaction saves hundreds of hours of time spent weeding through records and the accuracy rate is much higher with an intelligent software solution vs. risking human error.

We are not making
documents available

Making documents available online can reduce time spent by staff fulfilling tedious document requests at the counter, allowing them to focus on other priorities. But if you are not quite ready to post your records online, having a redaction solution shows your office is still concerned about protecting personally identifiable information when people request documents. By beginning to redact today it will make the process easier down the road when you are ready to post online. 

We need to get e-filing up
and running first before we
look at an automated solution.

This is completely understandable and the best part about implementing Extract’s automated redaction is it is compatible with any document or case management system and is able to assist you in the beginning phases of your new e-filing project by automatically redacting documents. I just spoke with a clerk the other day that is anticipating a 30% reduction in staff time when they implement e-filing, and she is contemplating using the time saving to have her staff implement a redaction workflow. While you get e-filing up and running, let’s begin the testing phase of our automated solution, process your documents and show you the time savings and accuracy Extract can provide.

We don’t have room in the
budget for any new programs
or solutions.

Extract can work on back-file projects and comb through a set number of documents a quarter or year, in order to stay within budget and on target.

If you are manually redacting today, when we crunch some numbers, we will be able to show you the ROI Extract’s automated redaction solution can provide. Time savings, accuracy rates and processing historical documents will provide more room in your budget funding for other expenses!

If you are interested in learning more about Extract’s automated redaction or indexing solutions, request more information by clicking the button below, or feel free to download the whitepaper, 5 Questions to Ask Your Redaction Vendor.

About the Author: Chantel Soumis

Chantel Soumis represents the Marketing Department at Extract as Marketing Manager. Chantel studied marketing communications and business administration at Franklin University and proceeded to work in a fast, ambitious environment, assuring client delight. Passionate about productivity and streamlining workflows through the use of technology, Chantel strives to spread the knowledge of Extract’s advanced OCR solution by mastering communications and messaging.