Democracy Dies in Darkness: Automated Redaction Lets the Sun Shine in

Automated Redaction in Government

Judge Damon Keith said, “Democracy dies in darkness”. He was talking about the Watergate tapes but what he said is just as relevant about today’s Freedom of Information requests. Open meetings and open records are critical to our democracy. In Wisconsin, there is a push to allow government to charge a fee to redact the documents prior to distribution. This will stop some people from asking for public information – a harmful consequence for our proud tradition of a transparent government.

Proponents cite the cost to create the redactions as the issue. Government agencies across the country are funding redaction efforts without charging the public. Wisconsin should follow suit.  Extract's automated redaction software effectively reduces the marginal cost of redaction down to zero.  You can't put a price on an open and fair democracy.

About the Author: David Rasmussen

With 30 years’ experience leading software companies, David is driven by the challenge to consistently find groundbreaking ways to solve customer problems and finds it rewarding to hit the customer’s target and create a great team, build a solid infrastructure, and emerge with a strong value proposition.