3 Things I Learned From Customers in 2015

As we embark on a new year, I would like to thank Extract’s customers and colleagues for your support and engagement this year. It’s been a significant year for our company which I’ll boil down by sharing two exciting milestones:

Customers have protected the private information within more than 2.5 billion pages by redacting documents with ID Shield Redaction Software. More than 400 customers have deployed our public sector solutions: FLEX Index and ID Shield

I’m inspired by our customers’ passion and vision for increasing efficiency, securing sensitive information and improving customer experience with existing resources. Nearly every day I notice how our accomplishments are tied to our customers’ drive for innovation. I’m grateful for their willingness to share their stories and define their challenges.

Here are three key points that will continue to guide Extract’s focus in 2016.

1. Small, local government offices work hard and collaboratively to find creative solutions to better serve their customers.

County Clerks, recorders and registers of deeds in Wyoming, Wisconsin and Michigan are forging relationships within their states to pool funding for solutions that make processing land records faster and less reliant on shrinking staff counts. Rural counties are pushing the technology envelope as much as their urban counterparts, and often have to work harder to make it happen due to budget constraints.

2. Every workflow is unique in some way.

We’ve been fortunate to work with several District Attorney offices in Texas this year. Midland County is indexing multiple fields with FLEX Index Intelligent Data Capture to save money and time by automating a repetitive and manual process. Other Texas DA offices including Travis, Potter and Dallas Counties, are deploying ID Shield Intelligent Redaction Software to replace manual redaction and comply with the Michael Morton Act. This act mandates an “open-file” policy that requires Texas prosecutors to provide easier and faster access to a broader scope of evidence and to redact sensitive information within the documents. While the documents are similar, offices of the DA tend to be more decentralized in their workflows than courts. This requires software that is flexible and can be deployed in as many configurations as customers need.

3. Relationships and people are as important as solid technology. We like to call this one: Make new friends but keep the old.

Fairfax County Virginia office of the Circuit Court has been a customer since 2009 when they redacted 44.5 million pages of back-filed land records at Extract’s secure facility using ID Shield.  We recently had the opportunity to serve them again by redacting 1.5 million pages of court documents. Delivering an excellent solution and backing it up with solid support is a winning formula that we strive to achieve with every project.

It’s simple. Better public records software drives higher efficiency and more positive customer experiences. We will continue to help customers balance the dual goals of access and privacy. These are goals I can get behind as the president of Extract Systems and as a constituent of state and local government.

Don't hesitate to reach out to discuss improving workflow productivity and protecting private information. We look forward to working with you this year!

About the Author: David Rasmussen

With 30 years’ experience leading software companies, David is driven by the challenge to consistently find groundbreaking ways to solve customer problems and finds it rewarding to hit the customer’s target and create a great team, build a solid infrastructure, and emerge with a strong value proposition.