All over your organization, faxes, scanned documents, and other unstructured data is arriving and being handled by staff.  How can you assure this data is being handled securely?  How consistently is it being entered into the EMR?  How accessible is it to your clinicians?  These may be just a few of the questions that may be on your mind.  Here is how investing in Extract as a centralized document handling platform can help:

One platform that can manage incoming faxes and scanned documents and the valuable information they hold:

Better automation and less manual handling of incoming documents

When an external document arrives, the Extract system will automatically recognize the document type and match it to a document type in your EMR.  From there, the system can intelligently look for specific data in that document to ready for input into the EMR. For example, today we extract and file over 6 million clinical lab results annually for our existing customers and we collect over 400 fields of anatomical pathology data. The platform is designed to look for and collect many other clinically relevant data from faxes and scanned documents as well.

Better reporting about all incoming documents: what, how, who, when, where

Everything that happens in this system is reportable. By having one central system, you then get consistent information about your incoming documents and data.  Where did a document come from? How long did it take to process? Who touched it along the way? What exactly did they do as they reviewed it? Where did it file? What is the indexing data captured from it? What is each employees accuracy, speed, and productivity?  Standard reports are built in and others can be customized to your needs.  You tell us what you need to run your organization and we will help you get the information.

Richer clinical and index data in your EMR or CDW

Automate the capture of clinical results, dates of service, descriptions, and other relevant indexing information. Your staff QA reviews it when necessary instead of manually entering.  Detailed indexing data makes it easier for clinicians to locate documents they need.

Better, faster access for clinicians

Instead of tedious, manual procedures, use technology to sort, separate, prioritize, and automate the flow of documents and data entering the organization.  Extract Systems will also recognize the document type and match it to a document type in your EMR.  From there, the system intelligently routes or collects index information.  This means better, faster access to data for your clinicians.

Adds value to your existing systems/investments

The Extract platform is designed to interact with any Healthcare platform using standard HL7 messaging to feed the captured and structured data into the structure that system and to link the original document to the captured data in that system as well.  This means that no matter what you are using for an EMR or other health information system, the Extract solution will  work for you.

Better security (HIPAA compliance)

You have already invested in your IT infrastructure and defined many security protocols that already protect your electronic data.  So why not use those same protocols to protect all incoming data as well.  By designing fax servers to hand offer information directly into the Extract platform, Extract will move documents automatically and only allow access to those who should have it.  No new security needed - just use what you already have!